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  1. Got to see Hayden after all :) interesting to read other people's experiences. Saw her today after she got back from lunch, asked her who her favourite character in Heroes is (it's Noah by the way). She made the effort to make eye contact over her (very cool looking) hat. I think the photoshoot later on was a bit of bad timing as she just looked straight ahead (she was greeting most people). The camera guy was walking around changing some film, so she probably got distracted. It was my first photoshoot and I'm glad I'd already met her at the autograph stand otherwise I'd probably feel a bit let down. It sounds as though it was very busy yesterday and I'd think signing autographs and posing for pictures could be exhausting after a while. It's interesting to get a vibe of what different guests are like - some are fine with taking pictures at the autograph stands, others aren't; just as some will be ok with putting an arm around you, and others want to keep their distance a bit. It depends on how busy the guests are at a particular time I suppose. It would've been nice to have felt like I could have had a small chat with Hayden before/after the photoshoot, but obviously it was still busy, quite late in the day and felt a bit rushed like a conveyor belt (which is understandable I guess). All in all I'm glad I made it, Hayden was the only reason for my long and delayed journey.
  2. Thanks for the replies :) Was it really busy all day for her or just earlier on?
  3. How busy were the queues for Hayden Panettiere today? Due to delays in long distance travel, the soonest I could get down to London is about 12 (which probably isn't early enough). I know it's hard to estimate if I could get an autograph or not, but I'd like to know roughly the length of time people had to wait. Thanks!
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