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  1. William Russell - Ian Chesterton in Doctor Who
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  2. RIP. Met him at LFCC 2004 when he appeared with Veronica Cartwright and they did a talk together. Apparently he was one of the actors in the running for Picard before Patrick Stewart got it? Live & Let Die Alien Midnight Run The Running Man Movies of his in my DVD collection.
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  3. Henry cavill Gal gadot Zach snyder
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  4. 1) Public transport has been in operation all through out the pandemic, they reduced the train service but there's photo's from the height of the pandemic with those who still had to go to work all rammed into carriages, so I don't think that will be affected or a consideration really. 2) That is definitely a big concern - if they have to isolate for 2 weeks that probably makes it financially non viable. Though there is a high chance they won't have to if they have had the vaccination, but that probably makes it hard to find guests who have had it, that are free to come over, want to do
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