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  1. Thank you for the information Raylenth. :)
  2. Do you mean to the Showmasters Facebook and Twitter or to Jason's own Facebook and Twitter accounts?
  3. Sadly, I am still waiting for my photo as well.
  4. Hows the Friday going?

    I had a good day and managed to get everything that I wanted quickly. I was also pleased to say that I was not the oldest person there...so that really made my day!
  5. Will you be adding him to the pre-orders before they close?
  6. LFCC 2017 Floorplan

    Silly question...but will the dealers be located on the ground floor only or will they be on the other 2 floors as well? Thanks!
  7. Guest Cancellation - Kenny Johnson

    Oh nuts! He was the final person that I wanted to meet after all of the others that I had on my list have cancelled. Oh well...more money to spend on the stalls. :)
  8. Big Guest Announcement - Tonight 7PM

    David Tennant would be great...or Tom Ellis.
  9. Guest Cancellation - Rick Gonzalez

    Oh no...he was one guest I was looking forward to meeting. Oh well, maybe you can re-book him soon.
  10. Frankfurt Comic Con Pre-order problems

    Good news! The problem has been fixed and I have been able to put in an order. Thank you all for your help! :)
  11. Frankfurt Comic Con Pre-order problems

    It was : preorders@showmastersevents.com Hope that helps and thank you to everyone for your help.
  12. Frankfurt Comic Con Pre-order problems

    A couple of days ago.
  13. Frankfurt Comic Con Pre-order problems

    I did email them direct but they did not reply.
  14. Hi I wanted to pre-order a signed photo of Robin Lord Taylor from the Frankfurt Comic Con on April 22nd. When I try to order either image A or B the website will not let me order a non-personalised version of either photo. Is this a glitch or do I have to order a personalised photo? Image C you can either order as personalised or non-personalised. I would really like to order a photo but there is no cut off date for orders. Could somebody please help me with this? Thank you.
  15. Guest Announcement - Weds 22nd @ 7pm!

    It's my birthday tomorrow..and if you announce Tom Ellis from Lucifer that would be a great birthday present!