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  1. Tempting to say the least
  2. He's a lovely guy with some cracking stories to tell. Don't miss him if you've not met him before
  3. And I'll just be arriving lol. Damn early morning trains from up North
  4. Get them both done or you'll walk away and regret it
  5. No worries. I'm there all weekend with a good pass so hopefully manage an autograph during that time. And cheers for double checking Raylenth
  6. Showing as sold out for diamond passes in the shop
  7. Missed the diamond passes Gutted
  8. Riley Noooooo....
  9. Talked to him at another con and was lovely and chatty. Will go say hi again
  10. Grrrrr well good luck with whatever else has come up and maybe next time
  11. Ouch yup that one does hurt
  12. Awesome. Having no idea of the layout do gold use the same entrance which is shown on here? Ignore it's already been asked as I was typing
  13. I'm still waiting for them to announce another guest last minute however 20 autos 3 diamonds and a few photos I think I'm at my limit :)