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  1. Too good to miss for me can't wait
  2. He's retired from international conventions due to health reasons but still active in the UK. Met him numerous times and what a guy
  3. For sale 1 kidney or other organ partially used not abused one careful owner. Price 1 diamond pass.
  4. Why is it these last few minutes s drag
  5. A good and bad situation he was on my to do list but now at least it has freed up the finds for the new guests potentially :) another time I will get him
  6. Love the bribery front what type of cheesecake
  7. If we're going down a 40th Star wars route Anthony Daniels, Peter Mathew, along side mark hamil. Harrison Ford would also be great however I think he is unobtainable for conventions
  8. A week of speculation is k Going to kill us all :)
  9. Cheers for the heads up
  10. Nice guest from a classic show
  11. Never even thought of that it may not cute refres***as but could help alleviate the symptoms a little
  12. Can't wait one of my missing stormtrooper sigs
  13. What a lovely guy.met him recently and happy to chat and a wicked sense of humour. Can't wait to meet him again