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  1. Cheers for the information
  2. The iron fist crew autographs. Ron Pearlman and the SOA group auto and possible group photo. More or less all the Star Wars ones. And let's see what else the showmasters group pull out the bag before then
  3. Thanks for that. Love the second one
  4. Any chance anyone can post a picture of previous prints they have got please as I'm curious
  5. Another one I keep missing. It'll be worth the journey to snag this autograph
  6. Fantastic, can't wait till July
  7. How have I missed all thw rogue one guests.
  8. And another rogue 1 guest can't wait tI'll July
  9. It's great to see another rogue 1 guest.
  10. Great, another wedge of cash I need to bring however can't wait to find out. Now as to which franchise they belong to
  11. You know it makes sense, if only it was in full costume..
  12. Heading to collectormania for this a chance to meet colonel Ryan
  13. First visit to LFCC so certainly looking forward to it. Currently the list Ron Perlman Diamond Pass Alan Tudyk Diamond pass Probably all the Star wars attending and then who knows