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Latest Guest Announcement - CAMILLE CODURI


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Latest Guest Announcement - Camille Coduri

Appearing: Saturday

Autograph: £15
Photo Shoot: £15
Double Photo Shoot with Noel Clarke: £35

Buy Tickets Now


Dr Who - Jackie Tyler

King Ralph - Miranda Green

The Business - Nora

Him & Her - Shelly

Ashes to Ashes - Gloria











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11 minutes ago, shodgson said:

Any ideas as to when the double shoot with Noel Clarke will be added to the tickets? Can't see it anywhere at the moment.

I'm guessing someone in LFCC Towers forgot as her solo shoot isn't up either.  Hopefully they will realise soon and get them added.

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  • 1 month later...

What a lovely person Camille is. Really funny and down to earth. She loved my Doctor Who t-shirt and asked who my favourite Doctor is. When I said Peter Capaldi she said he was the only proper Doctor of the modern era! Not as a criticism of the others but he was most like the classic era doctors. A real pleasure to meet. :thumbup:

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