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Guest Cancellation - Roy Scammell

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By my count that makes only 3 guests left now for Sunday! (with all due respect to the wrestlers I am not counting them as in my opinion this is not the reason why the majority of people attend these events).Come on Showmasters, you can’t expect anyone to attend on Sunday with that low a number.

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I agree Ravogd. Nothing really there to tempt us back for the Sunday now. Not sure whether it's worth driving the hour and a half for a second day (We have weekend tickets) now Roy won't be there.

It's a shame Roy has cancelled, but these things happen and it's a risk we take when we purchase tickets. I only hope there will be some good last minute announcements because, no disrespect to the wrestlers, but they're really not our thing.

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I still have to buy my tickets but as it stands there is no point in going on the Sunday now for me. Saturday early bird it is then ;)

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