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Latest Guest Announcement - DANNY GLOVER


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5 minutes ago, matthewlane said:

great guest, photoshoot booked.

Does anyone know if there are any talks by any guests a Collectormania, or do they not do them there.



We will find out when either tickets go on sale or the schedule is released. Christopher Lambert has a talk included with the Diamond Pass, so a talk for Danny Glover is a definite possibility.

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11 minutes ago, AnytimeAndo said:

Do you know if he will have predator 2 pis to sign?

There's never a confirmation whch pictures are available in advance, sorry. Even if he has a certain photo it could run out. If you have a picture you have set your heart on it's always best to bring it with you.

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Has anyone met Danny Glover before? Is he up for a laugh? I always like to do something a bit silly in photoshoots like bring a sign with the actors catchphrase or a quote on and so far nobody has ever said no but they are usually people I have met before.

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