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  1. I work in a particular shop that have been in the news yesterday. Still have no idea what's going on lol
  2. OK you talked me in to it haha Guess I'll have to go haha
  3. Was gonna have a break from LFCC next year as each year I seem to spend more and more lol. But somehow I can't see that happening haha
  4. Depends on direction. We come from South, so get a train to Clapham Junction then Southern rail to kensington olympia.
  5. No district line this morning incase anyone is taking that route
  6. Does anyone know where Charlie Sheen's signing table is so I can go straight there in morning. Like the closest photo shoot booth
  7. I'm coming up tomorrow. Gonna try and get a Charlie Sheen vq early. Does anyone know where his auto booth is as want to go straight there. Also is he busy today?
  8. Anyone know what sort of album would be good to keep my autographs in, as I know the sleeves need to be acid free. Unfortunately I'm now married so all my autos are coming off the wall and into an album haha
  9. Hope he does posed photos in his photo shoot. There's 3 of us having a photo and hoping to do the hot shots 1 poster pose haha
  10. I'm going for John Hannah. As big in both film and TV. And with Brandon Fraser bieng announced would be a good one.
  11. Don't suppose we can have a couple clues like the good old days
  12. I like it when the do both haha. When they there's gonna be one on Wednesday 7pm and then surprisingly announce a couple the day before or after.
  13. I like the sudden announcements. Its a pleasant surprise when the do it haha
  14. Great announcement. Tempted to get my first diamond pass. Wish I started a Potter poster all them years ago now.
  15. Great guest. Do you think he would sign a cue case (guessing that would be the 20pound price if he did)
  16. Anyone have any of them pops signed? Are they good to get signed? I been getting posters done for years now but getting tired of not bieng able to put them up haha. So thinking of going for merchandise, at least I can put them in a cabinet lol
  17. Great. Always regretted not getting is autograph last time he was at LFCC. Definitely will this time
  18. Good perspective. Been to a fair few showmasters cons. And have to say the two I went to this year (collectormania and LFCC) have been the best and most organised of the ones I've been too. Managed to get all autos I wanted and ques were dealt with brilliantly. There seems to have been a few changes this year which has worked really well.
  19. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dadgbjxny2j5po6/IMG_20180730_115218.jpg?dl=0 GOT poster starting to come on now. Think I'm starting to run out of room though ha
  20. Awesome guest. Really surprised he's not diamond. Has anyone ever been upgraded to a diamond pass before?
  21. great guest, really friendly. But bless him he spelt his character name wrong (Maista Lewin haha)
  22. Would it be possible to go out for a bit and come back. (I.e get stamped so you can Re enter) As want to go to the Glover talk, but also have a Marl Williams photo shoot later on. So was wandering if I could pop out for a hour or so in-between
  23. Surprised he's not a DP. Were getting there v early so hopefully we'll be able to get auto aswell :-D definitely gone for the photo just incase haha ;-)
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