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There's obviously a separate thread for feedback, but I haven't seen a thank-you thread (apologies if I've missed it), so I'm putting it here for anyone who wants to spread the love.


I had a very relaxed event and the crew were their usual excellent selves. Particular thanks go to: the bloke managing the "front line" for Garrett Wang on Friday for making sure I'd got something to sign before going up to the desk - I'd completely forgotten the different system here. The guys managing the busiest photo queues outside A and B on Saturday were in good voice prioritizing the batches (Phil was doing the former and I can't remember the name of the guy handling the latter although he did a great job at LFCC too). Shout-out to Michelle (on Chase Masterson's desk on the Friday) - she made it so much easier for me to strike up a conversation instead of being my usual tongue-tied self! But everyone I'd met was polite and helpful as always.


Thank you to the guests I met, who were all great (particularly Connor Trinneer for remembering me on the Saturday after we'd met on Friday despite being horribly jet-lagged). I wish I could have made some repeat visits for those I'd met before (Armin, Terry, George, I'm looking at you).


Finally, big thanks to SM/ME, for putting on the event in the first place. As always, I have some wonderful memories to take away.

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I would first like to thank all the guests who attended who we all fabulous. Some made me laugh when I was beginning to struggle which help make the weekend for me.


I would also like to give a big thank you to all the staff, especially those who did their best to find me chairs when I was struggling to stand in the queues.


Also thanks to the staff that gave myself and my mum the extra help on saturday to get one autograph - you know who you are and I know you must have been very busy

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It was my first convention so thanks to all the staff who had helped alleviate any confusion and for doing the best they could during the chaotic photo sessions.


Didn't get to meet as many guests as I had planned but shout out to George, Walter and Terry who were delightful. Also although a (understandably) brief encounter Bill made an effort to say hi and thanks during the bridge shoot which was as much as I had hoped (I was too nervous to say more haha).

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I would like to thank the crew managing the autograph area around Walter/George/Wil. They were incredibly patient and helpful and helped me to ensure I got all three of the aforementioned autographs on the Sunday when I'd tried and failed on the Saturday. Thank you so much guys. :thumbup:


In fact, every crew person I talked to or asked a question was helpful, friendly and polite in what was often a very stressd and manic situation so thank you to you all; you made the weekend as easy as you possibly could and I'm incredibly grateful, as I'm sure many other are. :clap:

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