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  1. It was my first convention so thanks to all the staff who had helped alleviate any confusion and for doing the best they could during the chaotic photo sessions. Didn't get to meet as many guests as I had planned but shout out to George, Walter and Terry who were delightful. Also although a (understandably) brief encounter Bill made an effort to say hi and thanks during the bridge shoot which was as much as I had hoped (I was too nervous to say more haha).
  2. Not had chance to scan them yet but I'm pretty pleased with how mine turned out.
  3. Just remember to go and get your VQ tickets for the auto's as soon as you get in. Thanks for the advice. I plan on getting there for opening so it should give me plenty of time to get into the swing of things.
  4. William Shatner- bridge photo/autograph George Takei- photo/autograph Walter Koenig- autograph Terry Farrell- photo/autograph Alexander Siddig- autograph Armin Shimmerman- autograph Photo's booked. It's my first convention and I'm only there Saturday, so I hope to fit everything in...Although I'm up for more.
  5. I'm thinking of going to the Saturday night party...Can anyone give me an idea of whether it be worth a gander if I was relying on a train home? I'm considering stopping over but it's depending on guests the moment.
  6. Seems like no one is alone. Gonna be my first convention too and any apprehension is pretty much moot (aside from meeting Shatner haha).
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