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  1. Just wondering if there was a plan to announce more guests before August? Only a couple of months away now and for each of your last 3 conventions in Bournemouth there has been a bigger line-up than there currently is at this point beforehand for each of them. Many thanks for all you do; looking forward to the convention
  2. Can only see the Sunday photos on the link I got emailed - am I being dumb? Your link works fine though, so thank you
  3. They do - as always, all the ones I had any contact with were fantastic
  4. I would like to thank the crew managing the autograph area around Walter/George/Wil. They were incredibly patient and helpful and helped me to ensure I got all three of the aforementioned autographs on the Sunday when I'd tried and failed on the Saturday. Thank you so much guys. In fact, every crew person I talked to or asked a question was helpful, friendly and polite in what was often a very stressd and manic situation so thank you to you all; you made the weekend as easy as you possibly could and I'm incredibly grateful, as I'm sure many other are.
  5. I would very much like Takei/Koenig but NOT on the bridge, just a regular one - any chance of that?!
  6. I'd always advise buying beforehand. Queues have been smaller than they were at events since emailed tickets, but you can still waste a lot of time buying on the day. Thank you, have now gone ahead and bought online just in case
  7. You should be able to buy tickets for any activity at the event as long as they haven't sold out. Thanks
  8. Can you buy talk tickets at the event or do they need to be purchased online through the shop?
  9. That's brilliant, thank you so, so much
  10. Yeah, I'd already looked online and didn't find anything there, but the post above made me hopeful! Does the NEC have storage for actual luggage or just little bits like coats?
  11. Do you know where I can find details of the storage service at the train station? That would be incredibly helpful! Anyone know more details about the train station area for storing baggage? Or even the NEC area as mentioned above - have been all over NEC webiste but can only find reference to storing coats and small items. Any help greatly appreciated
  12. At other general conventions I've been to, and as mentioned above, the guests have a choice of pictures [free] for autographs at the desks where they're signing. If I'm not bringing anything along to be signed and just want an autograph, will this be the case at DSTE? There will be pics to choose from on the desk of each person to be signed?
  13. The email! That's where I saw all the details and I deleted it! Been trying to remember (and find) where I read all the info for the World Record. Do you know where there's a link online to the info that was in the email?
  14. Do you know where I can find details of the storage service at the train station? That would be incredibly helpful!
  15. Saw that, just wasn't sure which one Batch 3 went to? Thank you
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