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Chevron 8.0 Schedule - Updated 30/5/2013

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The group shoot is not included in any package and is £35 per person.


Please also note that the opening ceremony is at 7:30pm NOT 7pm.


I am aware there are a couple of clashes on Saturday between autographs and photo shoots. But as always please just go to the photo shoot first.


Standard ticket holders will notice you are called for all your autographs on Saturday so that you don't have clashes with the photo shoots on Sunday. Should you not have any photo shoots you are of course welcome to leave some of your autograph until Sunday. As always once your group is called you can join the queue any time after that, even the next day.


May I also ask that only those wishing to get their Sunday photo shoots signed by David H go to his last 15 minute autograph signing on Sunday. This is why it is there, but if lots of people try and leave it until the last minute it will just mean us having to rush you through and you'll not get the best experience. We have plenty of time for you to get your autographs before this, so please don't leave it until this last session unless you need to (i.e. getting a Sunday photo shoot signed).


Gold Groups

A: G1 - G30

B: G31 - G60

C: G61 - G90

D: G91 - G120



Silver Groups

F: S1 - S30

G: S31 - S60

H: S61 - S90



Standard Groups

J: ST1 - ST30

K: ST31 - ST60


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  • Showmasters Admin

You will get a print out of this in your reg pack. There will also be large A0 versions up on the walls at the show.

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anyway to make this image bigger for my poor eyesight?

you will get an A4 sized timetable in your pack when you get to the convention so there is no need to worry about the timetable. it is just published here for those to know in advance what is going on.
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anyway to make this image bigger for my poor eyesight?


If you click on the image it will take you to the photobucket site, click the little zoom icon on the bottom right of the image and then when it loads click the zoom icon again, that will give you the full size image.


Doesn't work on mobile devices though.

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