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  1. I thought all the guests were great and the talks were very enjoyable. Massive kudos to Terry for destroying that idiot with that question in the Dax talk, most the questions were bad but his was something else but why on earth did you give him the mic again to ask the question a second and then third time? Unfortunately there are a lot of things which left me scratching my head as to why things were done a certain way. Queuing was terrible. Almost 4 hours to get my pass on Friday (I got there at midday), then for the opening ceremony I thought I'd get there half an hour before it starts because I won't be standing for very long as you'll let people in 15 mins before it starts. However you didn't let people in until after 10 mins before it was supposed to start and there's no and was never at any point anything telling anyone which seats were for what group. It got better as the day went on during Saturday after you put signs above the doors, they went up after I complained that after queuing for half an hour to only be told that I was in the Commanders queue and not the one for Lieutenants? The staff after that also become more active in telling people which queue was which. That didn't happen for autographs sadly, not the letting people which queue they were in but keeping people informed with how long things will take. Also why remove what numbers you are up to when the guest isn't there? The merch stalls were a little to be desired and what was with the sunglasses stall and massage kiosk? Why didn't you get in Nostalgia & Comics to run a comic book stall and Weylands Forge for a board game stall? Why no other options for buying DVD's and Blu-Rays? Did Zoom have a clause that there could be no competition? The Gaming Zone - You had Wil Wheaton, the guy whose show has brought a revolution in board games and brought them back to popularity and you don't have anything? He's also an avid gamer and voice actor and you do nothing. I'm sure there's a bunch of the cast that have also voice acted in games too. There was a huge open area where it should have been so what happened? The stages - Why on earth were these in the main hall? why could you have just used smaller halls and separated it out? As others have said we couldn't hear at the back. The seating was terrible. Those seats were incredibly uncomfortable and not enough leg room. Once we sat down we couldn't move an inch to adjust to get comfortable and we were so close to the people sitting in front that all we say was the back of their heads, To charge the money you did for Shatners World for it to take place in the Enterprise Stage was ridiculous, it should have been in a proper auditorium. I did notice a big problem which is not caused by SM but an issue with the NEC or at least the hall we were in, there was not enough facilities for disabled people. I saw a few struggling to use the toilets because there were what, 2 disabled toilet stalls?
  2. I got my VT number for Wil today just before 9:30 and I'm 139 so if you want to get an autograph from Wil get your number asap. I do have 3 hours downtime between talks for food and autos so I should be good.
  3. This is the one thing that has disappointed me the most. I was really looking forward to the possibility of playing a board game with Wil.
  4. Shatners finished around 9:20 and proved those chairs are not made for sitting for over 2 hours. As you say the guy at the end of the Dax talk was terrible and Terry was magnificent with her answer but what were they thinking by giving him the mic again to re-ask the question. I did think most of the questions were really bad, just because it was 2 women almost every question was about kissing co-stars or which one they preferred to marry.
  5. Things have gotten better as the day went on and there does seem to be a lot less confusion now which is great.
  6. Can you please be more organised. Waiting in an queue for half an hour for Wil only to be told once we got to the front that we were in the Commander line not the Lieutenant line. We weren't the only ones. You need to organise and communicate with us better.
  7. I hope tomorrow flows better. Queuing for somewhere around 3 to 4 hours for passes and then almost 45 mins for the opening ceremony has left me absolutely drained and in pain. Was going to the party but not after today. Like I said, hope it gets better. Been trying to get my dad to a con for ages, after today's experience I doubt I'll get him to another which is a huge shame. You do need to lose a few rows in the Enterprise stage as the rows are way too close together, people were falling over trying to get a seat and we're so close all we can see is the persons head in front, can't see the stage at all.
  8. What happened to the Gaming Zone or is it there and I walked past it? Would have thought that with Wil being here there'd be a stronger focus on video and board games than usual.
  9. Can you confirm whether the '50 Years Not Out: Celebrating Star Trek's Many Re-inventions Talk' listen on the ticket is now the '50 Years Not Out Celebrating the Legacy of Star Trek'listed on the timetable for Sunday.
  10. Would just like to thank they guys and girls at ME who worked so hard in putting this weekend together, many thanks. The Blu-Ray was also sold in the auction which raised £50 for Child's Play Charity so big thank you for that, this brings our total raised to £2,018 so far. Also if the lady who won the auction would like to get in touch I'll send you the link so you can download the charity cookbook which contains recipes from the likes of Tara Platt, Yuri Lowenthal, Bonnie Burton and Sandeep Parikh.
  11. Hi guys, I sent an email earlier in the week (from atn@allthenomz.com) in regards to the possibility of getting a copy of Much Ado (I'll buy the film) signed by Alexis and Tom that could be auctioned off either at the HW auction on Saturday or post-con at eBay through their Giving Works programme. If the film was to be auctioned off at HW, once the final bid has been made I'll transfer the money straight out of my account to Child's Play Charity who are our supported charity and forward the donation confirmation to the winner. Just wondered if it was something you'd be interested in teaming up for, so if it's not something you want to do that's no problem. You can check us out at www.allthenomz.com to see we are legit and who we've worked with in the past. Whatever the decision, I'll see you on Friday *does happy dance, followed by the snoopy dance*
  12. I was wondering if someone from ME/SM could send details of costs, table size, included passes etc for having a table in the Dealers Room. Its for the geek celebrity cookbook im a co-creator of, there's no-one from SG involved in our 1st book but hopefully in the future. Every penny front the book goes to Child's Play Charity. If you only want SG related tables that's fine, if you're happy for us to be part of Chevron can you send details to atn@allthenomz.com Thanks, Lee.
  13. There's a Wetherspoons at the Airport called The Dragonfly, it's open from 4am to 10pm. Google Maps says its 1.9 miles but you'd cut through the NEC & Train Station so it's more like 1.2 miles. There's also a pub called The Little Owl that's not in the airport and it's roughly a mile away, it's open from 12pm and closes at 11pm Fri & Sat and at 10:30pm on Sunday.
  14. If you click on the image it will take you to the photobucket site, click the little zoom icon on the bottom right of the image and then when it loads click the zoom icon again, that will give you the full size image. Doesn't work on mobile devices though.
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