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  1. Ive met RDA before, I dont need the lowest number at LFCC haha. Although I would be interested in the lowest saturday order number
  2. Saturday booked, (2 tickets) order number ends in 418.
  3. Thanks, Yeah need to get some kind of liquid latex really :)
  4. Thanks for the tips guys, look like im going to try and go for the 'bug conversion' one Got my auntie making the costume , and been talking to a few people about make up and googling so fingers crossed I can pull it off and not make it look rubbish. If I cant then ill simply not do it lol.
  5. Ok I think with just 8 months to go it is time to get some ideas in place for my costume(s) lol. I have two specific questions I need help with please. Iratus Bug: Does anyone know 'if' I can buy one of these, or how to make one, or if someone owns a prop who could lend me one please. I know the last is a long shot but Im happy enough to make one if there was a starting point lol. http://images.wikia.com/stargate/images/1/19/Ford_ready_to_shoot_an_iratus_bug.jpg Make up: Is anyone going to 8.1 who is handy with make up - or who has some tips to create something along the lines
  6. I'm kind of chuffed my ticket is 007 lol It sounds like such a long time but that's only 10 pay days lol So glad you got numbers 1&2 with Joe Flanigan going. I would love to get a photo of you in your costume with Joe. Im sure that could be arranged!
  7. Good point. We think we have a busy weekend, theres is mental!
  8. Wow, someone with the name 'The Prisoner' is looking for a girl, should we really be helping lol. Ask on the chevron 8.0 'unnoficial' facebook page. I think I know who you mean and I think people she knows will be on their. I just cant remember either names off the top of my head.
  9. Come! I promise you, you will love it, not regret it in anyway, meet some great people and it will be a fantastic weekend! Just give it a go and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner. it is very tempting i regret not going when richard dean anderson went Buy your ticket, if you dont enjoy it you can slap me on the day - Hard! lol (Ill be the one stalking Joe all weekend so you wont miss me!)
  10. Im a part of a couple and would love to bid on the meal so dont change it please (Im so selfish I know ) But on those eariler points. 1) Water - amazing Idea. I had to keep running off to the bar to grab a drink as my costume was getting me a bit sweaty which im sure the guests did not appreaciate! lol 2) 9 am - Again, great Idea. If a bunch of people dont arrive till ten then its upto them, atleast say half of the attendees will have a good headstart on autos whih will benefit everyone, including those that turn up after 9am. (a lot of people can make it to hte desk to buy tivekt
  11. Mark its great! A new style site for the 20th anniversay is a good idea. Its got a few typos though so I emailed showmasters about it, not sure if that email will make it through to the right people of not. If not I can email someone else? I just wanted the site to be perfect lol.
  12. Not only is this a great guest, who will be awesome on stage with Joe, the people who have been to all the chevrons so far cant complain as she is new :)
  13. I'm guessing your picture is you and your fiancée? I'm so glad you guys got 1 and 2. I kept seeing you both all weekend, thinking you're outfits were brilliant. Even at the parties! Aaw thanks and yes it is my fiancee, who will be wife by the time of 8.1 lol :)
  14. Come! I promise you, you will love it, not regret it in anyway, meet some great people and it will be a fantastic weekend! Just give it a go and you'll wonder why you didn't do it sooner.
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