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Guests from season two of OUAT and smaller guests at this event

Miss Ragamuffin

smaller characters and guests from OUAT season 2 at this event  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you like to have guests attend from Season 2?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Not bothered
  2. 2. Which actors who are in season two would you like to see attend?

    • Colin O'Donoghue
    • Sarah Bolger
    • Jamie Chung
    • Julian Morris
    • Michael Raymond-James
    • Jorge Garcia
  3. 3. Which smaller characters from both season 1 and 2 would you like to see attend?

    • David Anders - Dr Whale
    • Sebastian Stan - Jefferson/Hatter
    • Eion Bailey - August
    • Lee Arenberg - Grumpy
    • Jamie Dornan - Sheriff Graham
    • Keegan Connor Tracy - Blue Fairy
    • Barbara Hershey - Cora
    • Kristin Bauer van Straten - Maleficent

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I've made a quick poll to see what everyone thinks about having season 2 guests attend, I know it hasn't aired in the UK yet but I know a lot of people are up to date so place your votes here if you want to see season two guests and who you would like to see also which smaller guests from the show you would be happy to see attend! I've left the poll open so you can vote for as many as you like! if there is anyone I have forgot to add to the list please mention below too I haven't included the main cast to this poll as I know we would all love to meet them and they are included in the previous poll.

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I do not mind who the guests are as I love all of the OUAT ones, and there is only 1 Grimm that I am not bothered about, but if that person happens to be announced I wont be upset.


Any guests please from either season.


Did not vote due to not wanting to spend ages googling who is who in the show lol

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Would love Season 2 guests any from the list above would have me booking a ticket but esp Colin, Julian, Sarah and Jamie character wise but then Jorge I'd love for Lost as well so any of them really! Colin would make me scream the loudest but that might be being a bit shallow haha plus he's in a band and I always love the idea of having live music at cons as he could invite his irish band mates over.


Small guest wise Jamie Dornan has to be top of the list but Sebastian and Eion wow either of those three would be incredible, Anders is always a fan fav and has the back log of other roles people love him from and Lee Arenburg seems a great guy on twitter and I think would be a great guy to have at a con plus he had a great role in Pirates.


Obv the bigger actors would be great (Lana esp who seems such a darling to her fans and just steals every scene she's in) but smaller actors are great at cons as well they normally are more approachable more willing to hang out at parties and having done cons before they can help the other actors who haven't find their feet.


I don't watch Grimm so I need OUAT guests to book my ticket and obv we don't want Soldier No6 or Ogre No3 but I think most people would be happy to meet any and all of the regular cast they know and love. I also think season 2 actors is a great idea, lots of people have already seen it and I think season 2 will have started by the con so they will be watching these actors in the weeks up to the con.


Wow that was a bit of a ramble, sorry, just really want this con to go ahead, I'm just awaiting guests to a. get my ticket and b. promote the **** out of this con, I keep looking at how many followers Once Upon a Time Fans have and Gareth just needs the guests to unleash his power horse of a twitter/facebook/www/tumblr account and get the word out there - come on massive events we can do this :)

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Honestly I don't know who has and hasn't been asked, or what their schedule is like, but Eion would be ideal since I don't think he's filming this, or any other show at the moment xD


But honestly, with the guests I'm being very realistic - I don't expect a huge name from OUAT, because of how big the show is, and how in demand they'll probably be, but the way the shows set up is that even she smallest character is important to the show, so with that in mind, any would be interesting for me to meet. Obviously I have the ones that I would like to see more than others (Eion, Jared, Ginny, Jenn, Meghan, Sebastian, Michael and Colin) but I'll be happy with anything at the moment :) There's only one or two guests I wouldn't be excited for, but I'll keep that to myself :P


Another I'd add to the list that I'd like to see from S2 would be Rachel Shelley, though!

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