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  1. Updates on the online store?

    Wondered what is happening with the online store and the missing guests, etc? Trying to decide if a last minute trip tomorrow is worth it or not?
  2. Natalie Dormer photoshoot

    There are a lot of us disappointed sadly
  3. Latest Guest Announcement - NATALIE DORMER

    Not this shoot in particular though, that's all I'm saying
  4. Latest Guest Announcement - NATALIE DORMER

    That is a shame, but I do understand. I do wonder why it was never flagged that the tickets for this were low though. Fingers crossed I manage to get an autograph at least, I shall be there early :)
  5. Latest Guest Announcement - NATALIE DORMER

    So I missed out on getting the photoshoot for this due to lack of funds Do you think there would be any tiny possibility of extra shoots going up for sale? I know its a long shot, but worth asking!!
  6. Latest Guest Announcement - TOM LENK

    Awesome!!! Love Tom so much!
  7. Sponsored Guest Announcement - ALEXIS DENISOF

    Amazing Do we have to pay for postage on photo tickets?
  8. Guests from season two of OUAT and smaller guests at this event

    Yeah theres just a few of those I'd really appreciate
  9. Will there be a replacement?

    I had wondered the same myself. I know it was mentioned that other actors were interested in doing the con, in another thread by ME. Fingers crossed!!!
  10. Guest Cancellation: Casey LaBow

    What a shame, but understandable!
  11. Latest Guest Announcement - HENRY IAN CUSICK

  12. Photoshoot ticket

    I'm not sure which day I will be attending yet, but wanted to order a photoshoot with Aidan Turner. If I ordered a Saturday photo, but ended up attending on the Sunday instead would I still be able to use it?
  13. One Tree Hill guests -- request

    YES more OTH guests please!!!!
  14. Latest guest Announcement - Aidan Turner

    Amazing!! Met him back at LFCC, but will SO be meeting him again
  15. Collectormania Bluewater?

    I hope this still happens, would be the first con that would be SO easy for me to get to