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  1. leanne marie barden

    Updates on the online store?

    Wondered what is happening with the online store and the missing guests, etc? Trying to decide if a last minute trip tomorrow is worth it or not?
  2. leanne marie barden

    Natalie Dormer photoshoot

    There are a lot of us disappointed sadly
  3. leanne marie barden

    Latest Guest Announcement - NATALIE DORMER

    Not this shoot in particular though, that's all I'm saying
  4. leanne marie barden

    Latest Guest Announcement - NATALIE DORMER

    That is a shame, but I do understand. I do wonder why it was never flagged that the tickets for this were low though. Fingers crossed I manage to get an autograph at least, I shall be there early :)
  5. leanne marie barden

    Latest Guest Announcement - NATALIE DORMER

    So I missed out on getting the photoshoot for this due to lack of funds Do you think there would be any tiny possibility of extra shoots going up for sale? I know its a long shot, but worth asking!!
  6. leanne marie barden

    Latest Guest Announcement - TOM LENK

    Awesome!!! Love Tom so much!
  7. leanne marie barden

    Sponsored Guest Announcement - ALEXIS DENISOF

    Amazing Do we have to pay for postage on photo tickets?
  8. leanne marie barden

    Guests from season two of OUAT and smaller guests at this event

    Yeah theres just a few of those I'd really appreciate
  9. leanne marie barden

    Will there be a replacement?

    I had wondered the same myself. I know it was mentioned that other actors were interested in doing the con, in another thread by ME. Fingers crossed!!!
  10. leanne marie barden

    Guest Cancellation: Casey LaBow

    What a shame, but understandable!
  11. leanne marie barden

    Latest Guest Announcement - HENRY IAN CUSICK

  12. leanne marie barden

    Photoshoot ticket

    I'm not sure which day I will be attending yet, but wanted to order a photoshoot with Aidan Turner. If I ordered a Saturday photo, but ended up attending on the Sunday instead would I still be able to use it?
  13. leanne marie barden

    One Tree Hill guests -- request

    YES more OTH guests please!!!!
  14. leanne marie barden

    Latest guest Announcement - Aidan Turner

    Amazing!! Met him back at LFCC, but will SO be meeting him again
  15. leanne marie barden

    Collectormania Bluewater?

    I hope this still happens, would be the first con that would be SO easy for me to get to