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  1. How about getting Jamie Dornan who is starring in the Fall with Gillian Anderson as well as being Graham/The Huntsman in Once Upon a Time?
  2. As there will be more room, are you planning on doing talks now? Glad to hear the building is more enclosed now, I felt people used to leave earlier beforehand because of the cold!
  3. Gutted totally gutted would def be interested in meeting Once guests at Collectormania in May or LFACC in July. But cons just have that special something that you don't get at signing events everyone staying at the same hotel, the talks and the parties.
  4. Although once fans are called Oncers the actors on Twitter have their own names for each fan so Josh has the Charmers, Ginny has the Fairest, Robert has the Dearies, Lana has her EvilRegals and Jen has her White Knights/Ugly Ducklings oh and Colin's fans but I won't write his fans names as it's spoilerly but it's a great name!
  5. Would love Season 2 guests any from the list above would have me booking a ticket but esp Colin, Julian, Sarah and Jamie character wise but then Jorge I'd love for Lost as well so any of them really! Colin would make me scream the loudest but that might be being a bit shallow haha plus he's in a band and I always love the idea of having live music at cons as he could invite his irish band mates over. Small guest wise Jamie Dornan has to be top of the list but Sebastian and Eion wow either of those three would be incredible, Anders is always a fan fav and has the back log of other roles people love him from and Lee Arenburg seems a great guy on twitter and I think would be a great guy to have at a con plus he had a great role in Pirates. Obv the bigger actors would be great (Lana esp who seems such a darling to her fans and just steals every scene she's in) but smaller actors are great at cons as well they normally are more approachable more willing to hang out at parties and having done cons before they can help the other actors who haven't find their feet. I don't watch Grimm so I need OUAT guests to book my ticket and obv we don't want Soldier No6 or Ogre No3 but I think most people would be happy to meet any and all of the regular cast they know and love. I also think season 2 actors is a great idea, lots of people have already seen it and I think season 2 will have started by the con so they will be watching these actors in the weeks up to the con. Wow that was a bit of a ramble, sorry, just really want this con to go ahead, I'm just awaiting guests to a. get my ticket and b. promote the **** out of this con, I keep looking at how many followers Once Upon a Time Fans have and Gareth just needs the guests to unleash his power horse of a twitter/facebook/www/tumblr account and get the word out there - come on massive events we can do this :)
  6. Really need news soon I have booked the refundable's as in Hotel and time off work but don't want to book travel until I know this con is going ahead and I like many others here don't watch Grimm, so I'm waiting for Once guests to book my ticket. Really hope we get some guest announcements soon but trying to stay positively thinking as I have a group of people I can't meet up with and love Once so know this con will be amazing. As it's been a month since the last post from sm's which said news very soon and we are now on the 3 month count down I'd hope to hear something in the next week or so?
  7. Booked my room so excited this will be my first con in 2 years so glad to have some good news :)
  8. you missed The Huntsman/Graham! oh and Phillip if we are going to go for a kill us all with gorgeousness convention!!
  9. with the new cast members I would love to meet Colin O'Donoghue maybe he could bring his band with him, I love conventions that have a gig for one of the evenings, it's a great way to find new bands and how I was introduced to Molotov Jukebox at Muggle Mayhem who I have since seen recently on their UK tour so it works well for the bands as well. Sarah Bolger or Jamie Chung would also be welcome additions both have joined twitter and seem to enjoy the fan interaction it brings.
  10. Hoping for some Once guests in the New Year so I can book my ticket this will be my first convention in 2 years so very excited I love conventions for great ensemble casts as there are so many people I want to meet **fingers crossed** for some updates soon.
  11. Hiya, I would love to hang out with you, if I'm going, just need to scrape the money together and see what other guests are coming I love Once Upon a Time. It would be nice to have someone to talk to about it all, I love Snow and Charming and judging by your icon, you do too :) Hello yes I am a huge Snow/Charming fan they are my new crack! send me an email spammythegreat@hotmail.co.uk :) and I'll give you my facebook and twitter dets
  12. Don't watch Grimm so I just chose the one most people seemed to want! OUAT wise my top dream two would be Ginny Goodwin and Josh Dallas and then taking my head out of the clouds Jamie Dornan being announced would make me squee and jump around like a mad woman! apart from that I could list the whole cast as I love them all and that's why I'm so excited by this con I'd love to meet any of the main/regulars of the cast. Really just looking forward to some annoucements so I can book my ticket and make the decision to go standard or silver.
  13. Name: Sam Age: 27 Where are you from? East Cornwall Which of the 2 series do you watch? Once Upon a Time Ultimate guest you want for the event? Ginnifer Goodwin What ticket will you get? Standard or Silver (dependant on guests) Have you been to ME cons before? Yes Previous cons: Eclipse 1 & 2, Lockdown, Hallowhedon 2, Muggle Mayhem, plus more that cannot be named!! Fave movies: LOTR, HP, Moulin Rouge, Walk the Line Fave music: Coldplay, Mumford & Sons, Florence & the Machine, Regina Spektor, Lissie Other interests: Travelling, photography, my lovely doggies, reading and hiking
  14. Planning to attend this one, I adore Once it's my favourite new show, Season 1 was fantastic and I can't wait for Season 2, it will be roughly two years since my last convention and my first one in Birmingham, I've heard lots of good things about the Hilton from friends who have done B'ham cons before. Just waiting for some OUAT guests to me announced (i don't watch Grimm) and I'll be booking my tix and hotel really looking forward to this one, already know some people planning to attend but great to meet new friends as well and get to ramble on about Once all weekend!!
  15. After taking a break from Signing Events for Conventions for a couple of years would really love to see some of the current actors/actresses from the shows I'm loving in the US at the moment, as I know con organisers seem to be wary of running weekend conventions for them (crime shows esp). I would love to meet any of the below and attend talks on these shows that i love... Nathan Fillion Stana Katic Seamus Dever Jon Huertas Tamala Jones Emily Deschanel TJ Thyne Michaela Conlin Tamara Taylor John Francis Taylor Eric Millegan Simon Baker Robin Tunney Tim kang Owain Yeoman Amanda Righetti Tim Roth Kelli Williams Brendan Hines Monica Raymund John Noble Joshua Jackson Anna Torv Jasika Nicole Elizabeth Mitchell Morena Baccarin
  16. Unfortunatly no hun, kaz has booked a training seminar and i will be dog sitting, will make sure we see you and Sue soon :) I think it will be unlikely i will be going to future events, tho i can't rule it out but will make sure we see you lots, will tell you why off forum.
  17. Me and Kaz can't go totally gutted was really looking forward to seeing everyone. How do you go about getting a refund easiest? Really dissapointed in Showmasters but not surprised.
  18. Gah can it be MM2 time now please!! Got my tix on Sunday but it's soo far away. Woop Woop Team Special Frank love
  19. Got my tix on Sunday can't wait it's way too far away Yes deffo we need to do this
  20. Wyn

    All in All

    Had an amazing time the tri wizard cup was so much fun running to the ballpit yes that was hilarious, also a certain moment in the quiz and the school photo's were a great touch Sunday night was so much fun going to see HBP at the Vue and of course Special Frank which no one but us will get!
  21. Had an amazing weekend sms's thanks so much had so much fun, you really put in lots of effort making sure everyone had an amazing time and thanks for coming round and asking at the end :) Nat and Molotov Jukebox were amazing love the band so much and Nat was so much fun really hope next year she can come as a guest as well i so want to ask her questions in the talks. All 6 of the guests were lovely and the guest encounters with each one were brilliant. The two fire alarms weren't such fun esp as me and my sis were on the 7th floor but not sms's fault and i can look on them as amusing now i don't have to climb all those stairs again!! Made lots more friends again and had such a laugh with the Special Frank team on Sunday night going over to the Vue to see a particular film :) Both me and my sister have already got our tickets for next year and can't wait bring on next November Deathly Hallows Part one and MM 2.
  22. Yeah getting really excited bout this now none of my ususal con mates are going but my sis is coming with me and really looking forward to meeting peeps and making more friends. I'm rubbish at costumes but i'm gonna dress up friday as a kinda brunette with glasses luna haha yeah not good lolz i'm sure you'll all put me to shame with your awesome cossies Just can't wait to geek out with so many Harry Potter fans tis gonna rule.
  23. OMG he is so so great in HBP very creepy but so so good really excited bout this event now **bounces**
  24. haha wicked would be awesomo if she was a guest as well but still very cool this weekend is gonna be great
  25. Already got my tix really hoping for some guest annoucemnts soon my sis is coming to her first ever con and her first sm event in 3 years so fingers crossed. Also im already on Sms list for Lost, so this'll be two lists i'm on now but neither are Jacob's whether that's a good or bad thing i don't know!! On a serious note if the guests don't materialise i think this will be my last time putting money forward in Faith for sms, girl can only do it so many times. But i'm gonna stay optomistic for now even tho the clock is ticking.
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