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  1. ClaireMK

    Registration Letters Are On Their Way!

    I received mine yesterday but it has my mother's name on it (I used her credit card). I'm sure I put my name in the comments box. I have emailed but I'm super worried now!
  2. ClaireMK

    Hallowhedon 6!

    Thanks GiddyGateGirl. That's what I was trying to point out. :-)
  3. ClaireMK

    Hallowhedon 6!

    The venue link is saying it's at the Birmingham Metropole.
  4. ClaireMK

    Hallowhedon 5 Countdown

  5. Voted. I'd be happy with anyone to be honest. :-D
  6. ClaireMK

    This weekend is gonna be AWESOME

    Having been with you from ET1 I can honestly say that these have been some of my best memories over the last 4 years. I've made many new friends over these cons. I know it sounds cheesy but they've changed my life. Thank you.
  7. ClaireMK


    I like the creatures in Grimm and may have to buy myself a prosthetic. Eep.
  8. ClaireMK


    Jooooooooo! I need ideas, and something that's not too expensive.
  9. ClaireMK

    Hotel Booking Code for Discounted Rooms for HEA

    Hotel booked and silver ticket bought. I'm a happy bunny now.
  10. ClaireMK

    hotel code?

    I want to get in early booking a room. Any ideas when the code will be available?
  11. ClaireMK

    Rachelle Lefevre for ET9

    Rachelle was an awesome guest. Just such a lovely person.
  12. ClaireMK

    Billy Burke for ET9

    Would love him to be a guest. Was gutted when he cancelled last time.
  13. ClaireMK

    Our own Twiathlon?

    I love this idea too. Please make it happen.
  14. ClaireMK

    Hallowhedon 5 - Will you be going?

    I've got my ticket.
  15. ClaireMK

    Introduction Thread

    Forum Name - ClaireMK Real Name - Claire Age/Location - 41 / Milton Keynes What Ticket have you got/getting? Standard Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 4?? Seth Green, Eliza Dushku, Julie Benz Did you Attend any other Hallowhedon, If so which ones? HW3 Hotel? - Con hotel Facebook/MySpace etc - http://facebook.com/clairemarlow Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? Depends on my mood - prefer books Favourite Other TV Show? Grimm / Crime documentaries Favourite Music? Bon Jovi Anything else we need to know? Don't judge me - I love Twilight! Photo?: see avatar