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Grimm guest wishlist


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Silas and Sasha :D but your right cosmicavatar, if it means the con happens again I'm ok waiting since we have david.

i just think we're taking too much of a page out of Nicks book and being quiet, and letting our version of the Wessens (the ouat fans) do the talking

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Heh, true, but they haven't had a guest yet, yet alone one so awesome as David! But I guess we can live in hope that another Grimm guest will be announced soon after an OUAT one...


I do watch both shows, but can't say OUAT appeals to me. But for the sake of the con I hope ME can secure a good guest from it soon so we can get back to anticipating a new Grimm guest. Or, you know, announce another Grimm guest anyway. I don't mind. ;)

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I have posted this already on a general guest wish list thread but thought I would add it here to let fellow grimmsters see my choice


From Grimm


Silas weir Mitchell

Reggie Lee

Sasha Roiz

Mike Dopud (marnassier)

Sebastian Roche

Danny Bruno (bud)

Eddie davenport (stunt double/performer)

Bree Turner

Jamie ray Newman


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