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Stargate original costume display

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:smile: Hi everyone,


Just wanted to confirm that there will be another Stargate costume display at Chevron, I will be bringing some costumes worn by Amanda Tapping, Chris Judge, Michael Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson!!


Will have BDU Jackets from each to wear for small fee to charity (Sanctuary for Kids S4K) if anyone is interested (i.e. you can wear one and have photo taken with your own camera).


ps Know that this is a Stargate con, but as Michael Shanks was in Sanctuary, would anyone be interested in seeing some orig Helen Magnus costumes? Let me know before the con.


Cheers and looking forward to seeing everyone having a super time :)



xx :)

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Sanctuary cast included Amanda Tapping, Christopher Heyerdal and Robin Dunne amongst others. Michael Shanks was there for one of the episodes I believe, and he was not part of the cast. I too would love to see some Sanctuary outfits, but doubt I'll be trying on Helen Magnus' costume, being a male and all ;-p


All said, I'm still undecided as to whether I will be coming or not, as none of my friends are keen to come along, and I hate to go to a party alone!

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Dude trust me when I say this. You do not need to bring your mates to chevron. I went to my first chevron which was 7.7 and now I have loads of con mates and it is literally a massive family reunion every time we meet up. You dont need to bring friends to cons as you make loads of friends at cons. Everyone would agree with me on this.

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I totally agree kshah, I went to my 1st chevron on my own, and met the most amazing people, many of who I now consider to be good friends.

Claire - I always love seeing your costumes, either Stargate or Sanctuary. Just a pity I can't fit into any of them lol


See you there xx

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