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  1. The screening room was a brilliant idea, was great to pop in when you had a few minutes free. Next time as we will have SGU guests will be great to see some SGU episodes too. I was a little disappointed with the size of the dealers room, not sure if this was due to lack of dealers or if the size of the room dictated how many tables were allowed. Missed not having the Big Finish audiobooks there too.
  2. Would have loved to have a picture of me in front of the Gate, but I forgot where it was being held. Doh !!! Would be great to do this next time (will have to remember to bring extra cash). Ideas for next time could include - All 3 gates (Earth, Pegasus & Destiny) as well as standing with Thor, Todd, or a Super Soldier or next to a DHD.
  3. Hi everyone, My name is Debs and I am a bit of a Chevron junkie this will be my 8th in a row !! Even when I was unemployed I sold my car so I could still see all my Chevron buddies. I am just a little obsessed with Stargate, but also love Sherlock, GOT, Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, True Blood, Arrow, BBT, Grimm ...... the list goes on. Please stop to say Hi if you see me wandering around, looking forward to meeting you all
  4. Yes !! She is a lovely lady, very happy to see her again
  5. Hi Gordon, I went to my Chevron (7.4) on my own, but made loads of really great friends, we all keep in touch on facebook, so please join in to any of our conversations. You will have a wonderful time, meet great people - the crew, the guests and the paying public. Looking forward to seeing you there - don't be a stranger !! Debs
  6. This hasn't happened to me before, but as there are so many guests this time, do Gold & Silver ticket holders get all the guests incuded or do we have to pay extra for one of the guests??
  7. Forum Name - Debsa68 Real Name - Debs Age/Location - 40 something - Wigan, Lancs UK What Ticket have you got/are you getting? - Gold Most wanted guest for Cheveron 8.0? - Got it - Martin Wood !! Other Cheveron attended - 7.4, 7.5, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8, 7.9 Hotel? - Staying at the Hilton Facebook/MySpace etc - Facebook - Deborah Anderson Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - No Favourite Movie? - Shawshank, Gone with the Wind, Casino Royale Favourite Other TV Show(s)? - True Blood, Grimm, OUAT, Continuum, Dr Who, Bones, H5O, BATB Favourite Music? Anything from Rock to Classical but not any Rn
  8. Just read a report that Corin has been injured while filming. Hope he gets better soon and is still able to attend 8.0. Get well soon Corin
  9. Great guest - I have hoped that more writers/producers/directors get invited to these events.
  10. debsa68

    Question ?

    What happened to the usual Director Chairs for the guests @ Chevron. It really seemed that something was missing - I take photos of the chairs before every session. I bet Michael's chair would have raised a fortune in the auction. This was the only low point of the whole weekend. Please bring them back for 8.0
  11. Totally agree with everyones comments. 7.9 was one of the best cons I have been to. The guests were great. I was initially a little disappointed that there were only 4 guests but it meant that the queues were manageable and you could have a little more time with the guests at the signings. The crew did a fantastic job (as usual) The changes to the photo sessions were great, the music really helps set the mood and is much more relaxed than previously. Also Giles's photos are just the best !!! Can't wait til 8.0 - also glad to get back to Birmingham Hilton
  12. Thanks for posting this. My only concern with this appears to be the low ticket numbers. I thought that MS alone would have attracted more ticket sales. I hope that this is not a bad sign of things to come. See you all on Friday x
  13. Thanks guys, this is a huge help.
  14. I totally agree. 1) Comfy shoes 2) Snacks & drinks 3) If a photo shoot & autograph clash - go to the photo shoot & tell one of the crew - they will always make sure you get all photos & autos 4) If you are not sure about anything - ask! We have all been there. The crew are great & very helpful 5) Have fun !! You will meet great people, have loads of fun, make new friends & make some wonderful memories
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