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I would like to make a case for Ron Perlman, an actor who has performed behind masks a lot of times and off-screen (as voice actor) a lot of others. [what can I say, I'd love to meet him ;)]


All right .. let's see, where would people know him from/ why would people want to meet him for an interview:


The big ones (reasons, that is) are obviously Hellboy and Alien: Resurrection, with Star Trek: Nemesis fans (or .. Star Trek fans. Who didn't hate Nemesis. Too much.) sprinkled in. In 'what else has he done', there has to be mention of his role as Vincent in 'Beauty and the Beast' first and foremost where he co-acted with Linda Hamilton (as well as sometimes Star Trek's Armin Shimerman and Tim Russ)


Other (smaller) stuff you might have seen him in: MacGruder and Loud, Der Name der Rose/ The name of the rose, Miami Vice, Max Headroom, Police Academy 7, Highlander (90s show), The New Outer Limits, Houdini, The Magnificent Seven, Charmed, Blade II, 5ive girls, The Last Winter, Uncross the Stars, Outlander, Sons of Anarchy. He is also rumored to be in The Hobbit.


.. heard him in: Batman - The Animated Series (Clayface), Animaniacs, Hulk/ Fantastic Four and Hulk/ Iron Man (Hulk), Mortal Kombat - Defenders of the Realm (Kurtis Stryker), The New Batman Adventures (Clayface), Hey Arnold (Mickey Kaline), Superman - The Animated Series (Jax-Ur), Titan A.E. (Professor Tucker), The Tick (Fiery Blaze), Forgotten Realms, Lords of Everquest, Halo 2, Teen Titans (Slade), Justice League (Orion, Clayface), Danny Phantom (Vice Principal), Hellboy Animated (Hellboy), Kim Possible (Warhawk), Avatar - The Last Airbender (Fire Lord Sozin), The Batman (Killer Croc), Star Wars - Clone Wars (Gha Nachkt), Robot Chicken (Tony Stark)


Like I said, I'd love to meet him :) Also, while you are at it - perhaps get the Hellboy actors together? Rupert Evans, John Hurt, Selma Blair, Doug Jones, etc. :)

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I second this, I'd love to meet him too. THere are so many things I love him from (although the most obvious for me being Hellboy :D) and I think he'd appeal to quite a large audience :YAHOO:

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