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  1. I really enjoyed meeting Megan, she was lovely, and she's grown up to become absolutely gorgeous. I think I'm in love!
  2. On Facebook Showmasters have announced a Funko Pop event at the venue on the first of these dates. Is the Comic Mart still going ahead?
  3. Was hoping to add Dave to my multi-signed Jabba photo. Really hope you can bring him to a future event!
  4. I couldn't find Jim Dowdall at the event today, did he cancel?
  5. With Pamela Anderson being announced, is there any chance of other Baywatch guests? I'd particularly like to meet Yasmine Bleeth.
  6. Fair enough - I'll now post my request in the Guest Suggestions thread.
  7. When did this become Showmasters policy? My suggestion was Baywatch-related so I thought it was relevant to post it here as Pamela is best known for Baywatch. Rather than hiding them, why don't you move them to the Guest Suggestions thread?
  8. Gutted - was hoping to add him to my Trek collection.
  9. Gutted! I was really looking forward to finally meeting her.
  10. Excellent guest announcement! I want to meet him for his Discworld and Doctor Who appearances.
  11. I've been told by a stallholder that the dates for the Comic Marts have changed. What are the new dates?
  12. I spotted a cute girl with (possibly dyed) red hair. She was wearing a stripey top and jeans and had red lipstick. She was there on Saturday and was helping a couple of cosplayers who also had red hair and were dressed as princesses.
  13. I had a fantastic weekend at London Film & Comic Con! Having missed the last one (due to being broke), I was determined to enjoy this one, though I decided that as money is still a little tight I would only do free talks and wouldn't get any photoshoots. I wasn't sure whether to bother with Friday, but it turned out that there were three actors from Star Wars who were only doing that day (Stephen Bayley - TK421, John Galvin - Imperial Officer, and David Field - Death Squad Commander). I turned up around ten past three, and by half past I had met them all. I then spent the rest of the time
  14. Why has the April date been changed? I was looking forward to going on the original date, but it now clashes with a charity talk by Christopher Eccleston, so I can no longer attend.
  15. The young couple in front of me had brought a baked potato and a potato masher, which Badger proceeded to smash the potato with!
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