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Its time to make a decision


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well its now been tacked onto CM Midlands which means I cant go! But not to worry as its the same guestlist so far as the last 2 Sportsmanias!


At least I can say I saw England win the world cup in my lifetime.

If you haven't been to the other two, then, for us oldies it's not a bad line up, unfortunately I did go to the last two, but it is stil a pleasure to meet the England boys.

Shame we can't more of the 1970 squad that, due to a wrong managerial decision with a substitution, could possibly have made the final against what is probably the best Brazilian team of all time.

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Its a tough one this because as a group of players they have done a lot of signing shows but still for the price they must represent some of the best value signers on the circuit. I'm not able to make the show this time round but they are all well worth meeting for anyone who is umming and aahing about whether to or not.


I'm just gutted I'm missing out on another chance to meet Sir Roger!

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