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  1. Jonathan Fave character is Peter Griffin Family Guy or Boba Fett Film & comic con Bournemouth please
  2. I thought maybe as Montage Moments were heavily involved in this event that they'd give done a schedule by now on their website. Only want three photo shoots so would be nice to know when to be there rather than all day.
  3. Will a photoshoot schedule be posted up for this event in the coming week? Many thanks
  4. As usual my photos are here.... Feel free to check out and like the page.... Thanks. https://www.facebook.com/StarSigningsAutographsMemorabilia/?ref=bookmarks
  5. Great news... Already had Froch sign the Froch v Groves programme.
  6. Cool... Thanks for the reply. Nice and local to me.... Always like to see events at Colchester United.
  7. I'm so happy to see this event return and even happier that it's local to me.....look forward to more guest announcements. Hoping there may be some wrestling guests announced. Are entry tickets available or is it a free entry event? Thanks......
  8. Just noticed this too..... If I come, can only make the Sunday so hope they're added
  9. As always, I'll be adding my photos to my Facebook... check it out and maybe click on the 'like' button. https://www.facebook.com/StarSigningsAutographsMemorabilia
  10. I'm from basildon and I'm on the train up now. Delays on the district line due to track problems apparently
  11. And why I'm going to West Brompton and getting overground to Olympia..... Can't be dealing with buses lol
  12. Virgil, Billy Gunn, Mickie James, Magnus, Dudley boys, Lita, Victoria, Mr Anderson, kid kash, Robbie E, James Storm, Al snow, Jeremy borash, Brooke, rob Terry, the hurricane, kazarian, Daniels, Sabu, Maryse, Kelly Kelly, Chavo Guerrero, Kevin Nash, Hernandez, sunny, Maria, ODB, Rockstar Spud, Gail Kim, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, So Cal Val, Alberto del Rio, Rikishi, Scotty Too Hotty, Grandmaster Sexay, Shelton Benjamin, Doug Williams, D Lo Brown, Honky Tonk Man, Stevie Richards, Diamond Dallas Page. I've probably forgotten some.....
  13. Friday is ok but it's replacement buses from Earl's Court to Kensington Olympia instead if the tube service that's there on the weekend.
  14. Thanks.... I've decided to get tube to West Brompton and overground train to Olympia instead of dealing with replacement buses or the prospect of walking now tomorrow lol
  15. Anybody walked from Earl's Court station to Olympia before? Is it a long walk ? Is it easy to find? Thanks
  16. Yeah I got the e mail last week saying that if you don't receive your Diamond Pass on time then to collect it at the desk... should all be fine hopefully.
  17. E mail sent.... Please disregard the part on the e mail about the diamond pass. That query was sorted. Thanks again
  18. When Kurt Angles days were changed I received an e mail asking if I'd like a refund for my Friday photo shoot. I replied saying yes but since then I've had no reply and no notification that it has been refunded. Just wondered if anybody else had asked for a Friday refund and received it. Thanks
  19. It does seem quicker the new way yet it does still vary. With Noah Wyle I had the refund before his cancellation had been posted on here. Emily kinney cancelled today but no refund yet... Not that I expect it that quickly, just comparing to the speed of the Wyle refund. Last week I was e mailed asking if I'd like a refund for my Friday Kurt Angle ticket. I said yes but still haven't had it. So it definitely still seems to vary lol.
  20. He very often attends and yet I never get my posters signed although I always intend to. Probably won't again this year either with the amount of guests I want to meet lol
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