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  1. prendy9160

    Bomber Comand Guests

    Dave, Would it be possable for you to arrange to try and get some people who always go down well at any shows that you have run, they are the Heros from Bomber Command. This year marked a very special year in that the queen opened a new meomrial in london to the 55, 000 men that gave there lives to this country. So please could you add a few of them to the show please, many thanks Paul
  2. prendy9160

    Guest announcement Astronaut Richard Gordon

    Dick is a great add to the show, always popular with people at previous shows.
  3. prendy9160

    how did it go

    I have still to miss an Autographica show, this was the first dinner i have ever missed but went on Sunday. I spoke to a couple of freinds that i have met and they said itb was the most relaxed show ever. I was there only for an hour on Sunday to the Shuttl and other astros, it was so quite it was unreal. I just hope next year at Birmingham Dave can pull some more big guests out of the hat, i know that Aldrin/carpenter will be attending but cant see alot of people paying £225 or more for an autograph if these money squeze is to go on.
  4. prendy9160

    Guest Days and Prices

    Hi Dave, Will the guest list and prices be updated soon i have not called you yet will catch up later . Paul
  5. prendy9160

    Any new guest names yet

    Dave, Just a quick line it seems to have gone quiet is anynews on more guests in the near future . Paul
  6. prendy9160

    More Guests

    I have seen the great guests that you have but there does not seem so many as other years . Please could you tell us if any more are to be added .
  7. prendy9160

    Who do you want to meet

    Sir Bobby Charlton Nobby Stiles
  8. prendy9160

    who do you want to meet from WW2

    On that theme perhaps Robert Wagner David McCallum Bernard Hepton Hans Meyer
  9. prendy9160

    latest Guest Announcement - CAPTAIN RICHARD GORDON

    Well done Dave, good guest Dick is always popular at shows, now lets see who else can be added
  10. prendy9160

    Latest Guest Announcement - GEORGE MIKELL

    A great added name perhaps we could get Roger Bartlett ( Richard Attenborugh ) and a long shot James Garner
  11. I agree with the cast of Colditz, Robert Wagner David McCallum Chris Neame Bernard Hepton Robert Vaughan could do with Man from Uncle reunion Chris Lee (would be a great guest ) Chris Plummer Tim Dalton
  12. prendy9160

    ok here is something to get your teeth into

    I remember meeting him at Autographica and the price was reasonable when he first came over, also met him at a UACC shows in USA years ago. He was cheaper than glad i bought it when idid he is pricing himself and others out of the market.
  13. prendy9160

    latest Guest Announcement - Jerry Bostick

    Nice one David keep adding Paul
  14. prendy9160

    who do you want to meet from WW2

    I have asked for these guests on several occasions please could you try and get any Polish fighter pilots from WW2. They are the forgotton heros of the BOB.