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  1. So sad to hear of the passing of Adam West today, many have tried but he was the only Batman. I grew up watching him in the 60's and my Grandson, who is now 10, has also grown up watching him. Was going to bring him to LFCC to meet him, now have to break the sad news to him. RIP Adam West
  2. Close, but no cigar. Although I would also like to meet her as well, it's the other one from GB
  3. I met the lady who is said to be the worlds biggest celebrity and such an iconic figure, she even appears on stamps, and I have to say this experience certainly matched that. Just to meet and have a photo with him shaking my hand, I never ever thought that would happen in my wildest dreams. He was so humble as well, I said it was truly an honour to meet him and he replied that the honour was all his. He even kept hold of my hand after the photo was taken to have a little chat, before we were moved on for the next person. Then when he was signing my boot he noticed my camera and stopped and pos
  4. Would have to say Pele, very humble and genuine, he would of loved to of had a chat but, not sure if it was his manager, we were being told to move along, although Pele hadn't finished talking. Was a truly awesome experience with someone I thought I would never meet
  5. Is this included in the Diamond pass? Thanks
  6. Thank you both for your help, emailed and fingers crossed
  7. Hi I have purchased a photo session ticket and have found out I can now afford to purchase a diamond pass, would it be possible to upgrade? Thanks
  8. Can you please confirm whether Gazza will be signing Spurs shirts, I seem to remember he wasn't signing a particular shirt last time, and will he be doing dedications as it is for my Grandson?
  9. Would have been good to of had him there on Sunday, could have had a double photo shoot with Gordon Banks, he was his understudy at Leicester City and then over the England goalkeepers jersey from him as well.
  10. Hi can you please confirms Gazza's appearance days, the information on the website is for Saturday and Sunday, this announcement just states Saturday Guest Appearance Information Attending: Saturday & Sunday 11am -3pm Autograph: £30/£40 Photoshoot: £30 Thanks
  11. I have missed Pele three times, so not going to miss this chance. Photo booked, as couldn't afford Diamond pass, and judging from a previous events he will probably be hidden from general view, and I will get to meet the man...for a couple of seconds at least :)
  12. Must agree, We followed the road round the stadium and al the entrance in to each car park was coned off, no stewards around absolute chaos. eventually saw a parking space and had to manoeuvre around the cones to get to it. All in all, unless it is for someone I really want to meet, I don't think I will be going back to Collectormania at the stadium.
  13. May be a play on words from a "big" movie. Now it's not the biggest star so that rules out Martin Lawrence from the Big Mama franchise, it won't be Tom Hanks, as he was the star in Big, so my guess woudl would be Robert Loggia, when you look at his back catalogue he has something for everyone. Only thin against him is that he is 83, but he is still acting.
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