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  1. How about good old Hilda Ogden. and possibly other ex corrie guests :-)
  2. OMG...... i have just seen the advertisement for the last ever ashes to ashes and thought i wonder if there will be any guests and within minutes of coming on here i found one
  3. thank god for that.... i can now actually have both my photoshoot and my 150 quid for sundays work....phew!!
  4. hmmmm do i a) go on a sat if announced with a £35 shoot ticket or b ) give up £150 on a sunday in work. would love to meet him but not that desperate!!
  5. think that callsfor a visit to the docs lizzy....sounds painfull
  6. no thanks! if im paying £35 i just want Patrick
  7. I hardly think its a rip off. As its already been said, William Shatner's photoshoot is £35 and it is extremely rare for Patrick to do a photoshoot. I think its a been a few years since he has done one. As for money, you aren't the only one who's struggling. I, myself, am a student who has minimal work hours in a PT job. I have still paid because, at the end of the day, you get something to keep and treasure forever. That, to me, is worth £35. And I have always found Showmasters' prices to be more than fair. Im struggling too.... i only have a 60+ grand debt(not including mortgage by the way) but do i moan about a £35 TICKET........ like @@@@ i do cheers showmasters youve just added to my debt
  8. Just think - every time that you do shake a guest's hand, you're effectively shaking the hand of everyone else who's already done so (unless, of course, the guest is nifty with the hand gel). Enjoy your lunchtime sandwiches, folks. lmao
  9. i got "lots of luck and laughs " on mine my mrs got "Nice Beaver"
  10. his queue was long around 2.30 i managed to get him this morning, he spent time with fans a real gent hope you get him tomorrow Mike
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