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  1. you missed Kimberley Davies....... Anelise Hartman
  2. gidda1974

    Jean Alexander

    How about good old Hilda Ogden. and possibly other ex corrie guests :-)
  3. gidda1974

    Where are you coming from?

    Coming from Liverpool
  4. gidda1974

    Latest Guest Announcement - DEAN ANDREWS

    OMG...... i have just seen the advertisement for the last ever ashes to ashes and thought i wonder if there will be any guests and within minutes of coming on here i found one
  5. gidda1974

    PATRICK STEWART is doing both days

    thank god for that.... i can now actually have both my photoshoot and my 150 quid for sundays work....phew!!
  6. hmmmm do i a) go on a sat if announced with a £35 shoot ticket or b ) give up £150 on a sunday in work. would love to meet him but not that desperate!!
  7. gidda1974

    Not trying to cause trouble but.....

    think that callsfor a visit to the docs lizzy....sounds painfull
  8. gidda1974

    Latest Guest Announcement - DANIEL STEWART

    no thanks! if im paying £35 i just want Patrick
  9. gidda1974

    Patrick Stewart Photo Shoots

  10. gidda1974

    Patrick Stewart Photo Shoots

    I hardly think its a rip off. As its already been said, William Shatner's photoshoot is £35 and it is extremely rare for Patrick to do a photoshoot. I think its a been a few years since he has done one. As for money, you aren't the only one who's struggling. I, myself, am a student who has minimal work hours in a PT job. I have still paid because, at the end of the day, you get something to keep and treasure forever. That, to me, is worth £35. And I have always found Showmasters' prices to be more than fair. Im struggling too.... i only have a 60+ grand debt(not including mortgage by the way) but do i moan about a £35 TICKET........ like @@@@ i do cheers showmasters youve just added to my debt
  11. gidda1974

    Patrick Stewart Photo Shoots

  12. gidda1974

    Guest announcement for Autographica

    Just think - every time that you do shake a guest's hand, you're effectively shaking the hand of everyone else who's already done so (unless, of course, the guest is nifty with the hand gel). Enjoy your lunchtime sandwiches, folks. lmao
  13. gidda1974

    Leslie Nielsen FYI

    i got "lots of luck and laughs " on mine my mrs got "Nice Beaver"
  14. gidda1974

    Leslie Nielsen FYI

    his queue was long around 2.30 i managed to get him this morning, he spent time with fans a real gent hope you get him tomorrow Mike