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CSI forum awards!


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Dum duuuuum duuuuuuum.


Here it is. The time has come for us to decide who deserves the titles. Let the voting begin!!


The categories

Most obsessed with:


Horatio Caine/David Caruso

Calleigh Duquesne/Emily Procter

Eric Delko/Adam Rodriguez

Ryan Wolfe/Johnathan Togo

Alexx Woods/Khandi Alexander

Tim Speedle/Rory Cochrane

Det. Yelina Salas/Sofia Milos


Most Obsessed with CSI: Miami


Most Obsessed with:


Gil Grissom/William Perterson

Catherine Willows/Marg Helgenbeger

Nick Stokes/George Eads

Sara Sidle/Jorja Fox

Warrick Brown/Gary Dourdan

Det. Jim Brass/Paul Guilfoyle

Albert Robbins/Robert David Hall

David Phillips/David Berman

Greg Sanders/Eric Szmanda

Sofia Curtis/Louise Lombard


Most Obsessed with CSI:LV


Most Obsessed with CSI: New York


Person who spends too much time on the CSI forum

Newest Convert to the cause.

Best New comer

Best Poster

Best Quoter

Best Pictures

Most dedicated

Nicest member

Best Lookalike of a cast member.

Most Knowledgeable of CSI

Most likely to get aressted impersonating a Forensics officer.

Best CSI avatar

Most likely to become a CSI.

Most likely to stalk the main cast

Best Campaigner for the new forum.

Most huggable

Best username

Best trivia question.

Person with the most CSI merchandise

Best Fan fic


Who should SM put as a CSI board mod?*


Most dedicated to CSI




*For the mod, i'll send the results to SM saying who we want to moderate out board. :)


How to vote

Send an Email to nethog2004@hotmail.com with the catagorie and who you want to vote for. E.G;


Best CSI avatar - Jiminy billy bob


If you want to vote for more, just make a list just like that.




The polls will be closed on

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awwww thankyee you guys! :D **feels loved** **huggles all round**!


I was just gunna add that I haven't voted either Jeni incase we add any more categories and cause I wanna see if any appreciation/fan threads spring up to help me to decide who is obsessed with peeps :P



don't forget to vote though! just cause you'll be in OZ B)



Luv sah xx

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I'm going to hold out on Voting for the time being, as I don't feel I know any of your except Caz yet...


Oh, and for the record - I'm not one of those 'just started posting for the votes' sorta person... Not like the folk in the Harry Potter Fanfiction thread (they'll never find this in here!) Caz can back me up on that!!


Lizzi xxx



p.s. Sometimes it feels like I've walked in on the Tippin Appreciation Society Annual Gathering (hehehehe - private joke with Lilly) when reading these threads... I know Caz warned me that she was loved, but hey - I just thought she was exaggerating slightly!!

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I think we need to add "BEST FANFIC" as a category! :rolleyes:


for those of you who think I'm being random, head over to the fan fic section and no I'm not going to link you :P you lazy lot!! :lol:


Luv sah xx

ps-welcome to the section person with scary GoF-esske avatar! and ya know, it's only just clicked with me that it was he-who-shall-not-be-named-esske **lightbulb** :P

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