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  1. There goes my no-autos/no-photos at this con. Great guest!! Looking forward to meeting him! :)
  2. Really loving this latest development for LFCC! Books and book-adaptations have been massive lately.
  3. He was so long as the people asking leant down to him as he didn't particularly like constantly standing up and sitting back down again.
  4. Ohhh cool, just read Throne of Glass last month - it was good! :) (Typical that I bought it on kindle though!)
  5. I'd have shared my Brioche if I didn't need to keep it for breakfast on Sunday morning as well. Those 6.45am bus's are really too early for me to properly face breakfast. :)
  6. Really excited (Like Talie said, it takes a LOT to get me flipping out, off the sofa trying to find my phone to text like, everyone I know!) Been waiting 15 years to get to meet her. Well done SM!! THANK YOU soooo much! :)
  7. it'd get my vote... especially any of the remaining original rangers (though apparently David Yost isn't all that fan-friendly these days)
  8. BEST guest announcement yet!! Please keep adding/Bringing Merlin guests!!
  9. I would personally LOVE to meet Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish (I know he didn't win a medal, but he's awesome anyway!)
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