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I know Tippin is, I just wondered if anyone else was going there to stalk, er, I mean have a look at the HP cast?


I'm not, :( on account of still being at the "occasionally bumping into walls and falling over" stage of my recovery - I'd be a liability! Ha! Although if I did go and someone were to give me a push at a crucial moment, it could be quite interesting... :P:huh::o I have no control of my momentum at the moment and if I go round a corner too fast, I end up facing back the way I came :P:lol: and I'm talking about being on foot here...


Roll on complete recovery...

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I think I want to go, but I'm not sure if I can be arsed to get up early on a Saturday.

Hey if I can manage it, you can :angry: don't be lazy! U get to see meeeeee ... hmm not sure if that's a good or bad thing lol

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lol don't know yet, waiting on info from Tippin  :angry:

Ah I should have known who was in charge :P

pfft she's not in charge, she's staying at mine and without me she doesn't know how to get to mine :(

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actually just realised I don't have it saved in my contacts, do me a favour go and register it is a test thing I have been working on so no one knows it I will delete the link straight after lol

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