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  1. Ooh now let me see...Elijah would be GREAT and not totally unreasonable, Craig Parker cos he's just such fun, Lawrence Makoare cos he's hilarious and would be nice to catch up with him, Dom cos I've yet to meet him and he would complete my hobbit autographs, Andy Serkis cos he's pure awesomeness. Anyone really would make my day! Though in a perfect world I'd love Sir Ian McKellan, Viggo and John Noble
  2. Gutted Can't make LFACC which means I miss the second of two guests I was holding out to meet this weekend! BLOODY ASH!!
  3. Wow that would be all kinds of awesome! I love Bill Paxton and I've pretty much marked him as my Holy Grail of guests! Not sure if he would do a signing event but I live in hope! I met Michael Biehn back in 2004 at LFCC and he was a total dude! As was Mark Rolston too. I'd be happy to have any of those guys back!
  4. NO WAY! OMG! Showmasters I love you!!! <3<3 Thank you so much for this awesome guest!!
  5. This thread gets my 100% support! I'd love to see an X-Files reunion!
  6. Oh yes! Danny's the MAN! I heard he was going to be at one of the London shows last year but I couldn't get there
  7. Ooh yes, John Noble! he was a gem at LFACC :) Miranda Otto too please!
  8. Another show of hands for the CM guests! Any would suit me, they're all brilliant! but if I had to choose..... Matthew Gray Gubler is my number 1 Kirsten Vangsness my number 2
  9. Oh Yes!! Count me in! I love NCIS! I just finished S2 as well. Got S1 & S2 for Christmas and the end of S2 is a tearjerker! Any guests would do me though I totally love Gibbs and Abby!
  10. I'd be made up to see any X-Files guests at C16, not sure it's doable but you don't ask you don't get right? David Duchovny (highly doubtful I know but I had to ask) Gillian Anderson (heard she doesn't like signing for XF stuff anyway, so again unlikely) Mitch Pileggi Nick Lea Robert Patrick William B Davis Don Davis Doug Hutchinson Nick Chinlund Tom Braidwood Dean Haglund Bruce Harwood John Finn So that's my list...so far! So who else would love X-Files guests to appear at C16? Please tell me I'm not alone in my love of this show?
  11. Another shout out for some Lord of the Rings guests! It's been WAY too long! My personal choices would be Andy Serkis Billy Boyd Elijah Wood Dominic Monaghan Sean Astin Sean Bean (I know, I know but I had to ask!) and of course SALA!! Thomas and Lawrence and ROYD! Oh and Mr Craig Parker too that would be nice. I thank yaow! Happy New Year all...it's a been a while since I've been on here. Hope you're all well! Ally xxxx
  12. Sad news indeed Sorry that i never got to meet him. Andy, you will be missed.
  13. Just one more guest? Like...even a little one maybe...? (snyder lol)
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