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  1. As previously mentioned before the thread disappeared into cyber space... It'd be simply AWESOME, to have some LOTR guests back in the shows. I have some really great memories with those guys and to have them appearing again would be great. Obvious people like Elijah, Billy, Dom, Sean, Andy etc... But also people like Sala Baker (we know you keep him in a box under the centre, he told us), Thomas Robbins (Who asked to come back every year, he told us to keep asking you!), Lawrence Makore and everyone and anyone involved! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE. xx
  2. Everyone!! Those guys are always so entertaining! Get a reunion on the go! If all else fails we know you keep Sala locked under the centre, just in case xx
  3. Some of my favourite convention memories are with the LOTR people that came and it'd be great to have them back again! A vintage/retro con or something =P People like Billy Boyd, Andy Serkis, Sala Baker, Thomas Robbins, Laurence Makaure, Royd Tolkien etc. Obviously it'd be awesome to have Elijah, Dom, Billy and Sean again, but that goes unsaid really. And yes, I have said Billy twice, but that's because he's all kinds of awesome. And anyone else.
  4. Name: Kirsty Age: 20 Live: Bath Films: Lord of The Rings, Now and Then, Fight Club, Toy Story and about a million more. Music: Mcfly, Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, We The Kings, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, Simple Plan, Blink 182, Boys Like Girls and a whole bunch more. TV: Heroes, Friends, Scrubs, One Tree Hill. Books: Harry Potter, Discworld, His Dark Materials, To Kill A Mockingbird, and every book I've ever read. I love hugs, cheesecake, milkshakes and smoothies and ice cream, and the way hot guys smell. And I'm sorry but there are no pictures of me. Anywhere. In the world. Ever.
  5. I remember you! I was sat with him! TOM! I was there on sunday just not crewing!! Got a bus to Oxford as usual about 5!! You have my number!! Why didn't you call? Was lovely seeing you though, even though it was brief! xxxx
  6. I didn't have one until I got to college. I have 2 potential dresses.
  7. I'm thinking the cliff diving tee or the cullen baseball tee or the team jacob tee (really whichever one I buy) with board shorts and flip flops. Inventive I know . . .
  8. I do like that they drive quickly I live in Bath so it's all First for us too.
  9. The fact that if you are late and you start running for it, the bus driver will see you and drive off immediately even if they still have time to spare, thus I don't EVER run for a bus anymore. 85% of First bus drivers are Polish. Now, no offence to you if you are Polish because I work with a Polish woman and love her to bits, but Polish bus drivers NEVER know where any of the stops are. I do love them though because they don't really know our money and always give me too much change. haha. Tramps always get on and if the bus is empty but you, they will sit next to you. In the summer, when someone has shut all the windows, there will be a wasp on the bus and it will bug the hell out of you for the whole journey. All the old people in my area know each other so every single bus journey is full of conversations like this: Old woman : Hello Vera hows the dog? Old woman : Ohh fine thanks Pat hows Frank? Old woman : He's fine. Aweful weather isn't it? Old woman : aahh. *next old person gets old* Old Person : VERA! Hows the dog?! and so on . . . School kids who feel the need to sit at the back of the bus and talk loudly about their "sex lives". School kids in general. Old people in general. Tramps in general.
  10. You'll be pleased to know that over half of the staff at Bath's Caffe Nero have all been converted thanks to me
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