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  1. rainbowsparkle

    Sharpe's Rifles

    Oh, yay!!!! I never thought I'd see this thread again! I would still love to see Sharpe and his Rifles at an event - maybe MK or Manchester if there's another Manchester event Thankies x
  2. rainbowsparkle

    The forgotten Galactica

    Was Barry Van Dyke in this? I'm sure he was in one of them. If so, then yes please
  3. rainbowsparkle

    John Lithgow

    I love this guy. He's an amazing actor! He was fantastic in Third Rock!
  4. rainbowsparkle

    Where's the Supernatural guest poll please?

    Thank you
  5. Please can someone point me in the direction - I can't find the SM twitter with the link Thankies
  6. rainbowsparkle

    criminal minds

    I can never pass up the chance to ask for Criminal Minds guests LOL. Tis one of my must-see shows! Mandy Patinkin Kirsten Vangsness Thomas Gibson Shemar Moor AJ Cook Matthew Gray Gubler Lola Glaudini Paget Brewster Nicholas Brendon Did I miss anyone?
  7. rainbowsparkle

    Latest Guest Announcement - Misha Collins

    Well, that announcement went down well LOL. I'd just like to congratulate everyone on remaining calm and composed... SCREEEAAAMMM!!!!! I need a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, er, quick...
  8. rainbowsparkle

    Half Blood Prince

    I shall look forward to it! Seriously, I am genuinely interested in what other people think because I'm really confused. I want to love the film and I didn't ask all those questions to be mean about it. It has really flummoxed me, the way they've handled it. The way I see it is, making a change to the plot is like telling a lie in the sense that you have to keep telling bigger lies to cover the original lie. I feel that even the small changes they seem to have made will lead to huge changes so that they end up not telling the original story and it worries me When the original story is so loved and so successful as is, why change it? If it ain't broke and all that... All that aside, and on a positive note, I LOVED Weasleys Wizard Wheezes, even though it means I shall have to start from scratch on my model LOL. Also loved Luna's lion hat and, yet again, the cast were so good it was as if the characters had walked out of my head and on to the screen. Really, when TPTB get it right, they really get it right Special effects were amazing as usual, too. Anyhoo, thanks for the replies so far.
  9. rainbowsparkle

    Half Blood Prince

    I deliberately stayed away from reviews and stuff and went in with an open mind, but I was so disappointed with the movie that I shed tears!!!! I thought it was awful, worse than OotP and that's saying something! I mean, I know things have to be changed because a lot of what goes on in the books is in Harry's head and won't translate to screen well, and I know they can't fit everything in, but I think they made some really bad decisions in this one. Some of the changes were completely pointless. Little things, like the design of stuff not being how it's described in the book, doesn't bother me. But some of the other stuff was huge. Some of the questions that spring to mind are (I've done them in yellow to try and stop them being complete spoilers - they need highlighting to be read) Apart from money, why cut out Dumbledore's visit to the Dursleys in favour of those awful scenes at the train station? They were beyond terrible. I think they could have squeezed in the stuff about the Minister of Magic and his dealings with Harry if they'd wanted? Why did Luna find Harry in the train and not Tonks? Not a big change, but why bother then? If Ginny hid the book, where's the diadem that Harry has to find? If Dumbledore never explained what he suspected the horcruxes to be, how is Harry supposed to start looking for them? Why burn down the burrow? That really p*ssed me off for a million reasons... Dumbledore's wand and its burial is integral to the rest of the story so why wasn't it buried with him? Although, rumours abound that the funeral may be in the next movie. Are we ever going to meet Bill and Charlie Weasley? To me, this has been one of the worst omissions in the entire series. Will there be a wedding at all, sincer Bill and Fleur never appeared? What was the point of Fenrir Greyback? Neither he, not his background, were ever explained, so why bother. Why was Neville a waiter at Slughorn's party? Why did Dumbledore not put Harry under the bodybind curse? The whole point in the book was to stop Harry interfering with what had to happen, because Dumbledore knew Harry would try and stop it. How come, after 6 years of completely mistrusting Snape, we're suddenly expected to believe Harry would stay back because Snape told him. Plus the fact that Harry had oodles of time to stop Draco before Snape arrived and didn't. Why didn't Ron speak or join Harry and Hermione at the end? It was out of character. Where was the final battle? David Heyman said they didn't want the last scenes to be too similar to the ones in DH, but that doesn't make sense. Why would they be? It was a huge omission, anyway. If anyone can give their answers/opinions to these questions, I'd be interested to read them. Although, if you think it's too soon to discuss it in case people haven't seen it yet, it's ok :)
  10. rainbowsparkle

    Harry Potter

    Not entirely sure which is my fave but I know HBP is my least favourite!!! I saw it today and I was so disappointed, I actually cried!
  11. rainbowsparkle

    Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince Film Poll

    I haven't seen it yet - will probably be next week - but IMO all the films from 3 onwards have been pretty random, with OotP being the worst offender. I think that, despite the filmmakers' best efforts, you still have to have read the books to really understand what's going on in the movies. The sheer amount they had to fit in movies 4 and 5 was bound to lead to randomness and since book 6 is a similar size, your comment doesn't surprise me lol. I'm just glad they've decided to make DH two movies. Having said all that, I still really enjoyed the first four. OotP was a big let down, but I've heard great things about HBP so I'm really looking forward to it Matthew Lewis said on his Twitter that DH is going to be the best yet, so I really can't wait for that one!
  12. rainbowsparkle

    anyone watching tennis

    I surprised myself during the final set by discovering I wanted Roddick to win. I actually nearly cried when he lost. What's wrong with me?
  13. rainbowsparkle

    There should be a comedy con

    I'd rather see comedians at a comedy event, than comedy actors. There are some great comedians out there...
  14. rainbowsparkle

    Bones Guests

    Eric Millegan!!!!
  15. rainbowsparkle

    New convention!

    Why is it out of line? Due to my personal financial circumstances, I consider £65 per night expensive. There's nothing out of line about that. I understand about the non-refundable thing now though - thanks for explaining that one.