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  1. i think you should go david!!!
  2. Congrats congrats congrats!!!!!!!! *so excited for you*
  3. Happy Birthday Day!!! I hope it is a great one!!!!!!
  4. I met him at an event this past weekend and I totally agree with you ! He is VERY friendly and DOES love meeting his fans!!!! If you haven't met him please do! He is sooooooo nice!
  5. Happy Birthday Nick!!!! I had a great time with guys this past weekend and I can't wait to see you this weekend!!!!!!!!! love ya, Stac
  6. I love Craig Parker!!! The guy is just amazing!! ( i know most of us have seen him before, but who could ever get tired of him??) I can't wait to see him.....again!!! *happy dance*
  7. This like fast becoming my favorite thread, I just keep coming back to see pictures of Jake.....
  8. one more for the road........grrrr
  9. he is a god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* *drools* *dreams* *winks*
  10. It more than likely will be mine as well. I am moving to the U.S. So unless I get a really great paying job and have loads of money I won't be back for events......
  11. I think he is attending both days at lfcc...... :)
  12. I think Royd was the nicest guest, he took time to chat with everyone who met him. Another Royd fact is that he was gonna go have a smoke outside when some fans came up the que and asked if they could get a photo with him, he was like "ofcourse" and jumped back over to see them. *I thought that was really kind, he could have easily said, be right back I need a smoke*
  13. C4 was my first SM event, it was amazing!!!! *I will always love SM for that weekend till I die* (tears up....) (giggles)
  14. I have to go.....might possibly be my last SM event, at least for a while .....*tears* soon i will be joining forum members like Emily across the big blue.....
  15. everyone does them though so it is kinda pointless to say that they are not needed.....
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