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  1. Very few wearing masks at LFCC Spring that I can recall, though Summer is obviously a much bigger event. Personally, I have had 5 jabs (post kidney transplant so low immunity) but I am also mask exempt, so I'd say it's down to personal circumstances & decisions.
  2. Bought my photo with Richard this morning! Can't wait to meet him, he's a legend!
  3. Told by who? Unless it's by those who know (IE Jason or his staff), it's not true.
  4. Wondering if this will affect photo pose options? I remember Eve Myles photos being seated when she was pregnant (2009 I believe)
  5. Bit the bullet & bought tickets! Eldest is having a double shoot with Jodie & Mandip! Just deciding on a photoshoot for myself... maybe Richard E Grant... what a legend!
  6. Thank you so much Raylenth! Recovery is going well & kidney not showing any signs of rejection, which is brilliant! Will miss all my con buddies this year & looking forward to LFCC Summer 2021!
  7. Just a couple of suggestions, though not sure if it's the correct supplier you are looking for... https://geekbabyclothes.com/star-wars-baby-clothes-onesies/ https://www.shopdisney.co.uk/disney-store-ewok-baby-costume-bodysuit-2845011390040M.html
  8. UPDATE: For anyone who is interested, I had a kidney transplant last week! Completely unexpected, having only just been listed, but so amazing! Home recovering now & under fresh shielding guidelines (another 3 months! ) so LFCC in November is still pretty much off the table for me. I just wanted to say thank you again for the support & I hope everyone has fun in November! LOVE YOU GUYS!!!
  9. Having reviewed my current health status with my doctor, I am no longer attending in November. My tickets have already been refunded. For those curious, I am currently in stage 5 kidney failure & am about to be transplant listed. Hospital appointments galore at the moment! I hope all of you who do manage to attend have a great weekend & enjoy yourselves as much as is socially acceptable!
  10. Always seem to have missed meeting Marc at previous events, can't wait! Birthday treat for me!
  11. I am wondering how the new 14 day isolation rules on incoming flights will have an effect on guest's availability & willingness to travel. Obviously there are always exceptions to the rules (don't get me started! ) but this will cut down on attendee numbers as well.
  12. Unfortunately due to health (& timing) issues, I am unsure if I will even be able to attend a rescheduled event at the moment, so a refund is currently my only option. I am due in hospital next week & possibly again before the end of the year. I have emailed Eventbrite directly about this but am yet to hear anything back from them.
  13. Unfortunately I can't afford to waste £120 on tickets, so require a refund. And unless Showmasters cancels the event, I won't get the money back. Simple as that really. EDIT: Just read a reply to another comment on Twitter that says: "As things are currently changing on a weekly & sometimes daily basis, any updates will be issued across our social media & directly to ticket holders. We're hoping to provide an update at the start of June. Thanks for your patience & stay safe." So it looks like it will be at least 3 weeks before any updates.
  14. If admin want to remove it, they can. I believe it reinforces the reasoning behind LFCC needing to be cancelled or rescheduled as soon as possible. The fact we have heard nothing from Showmasters on this since March is extremely disappointing, yet they continue with their sales posts. Can anyone think of another company that did that before they disappeared into oblivion (mentioning no names, of course)...??? Everyone is waiting for news, I get that, but some people (friends) only have a certain time frame to apply for travel & accommodation refunds, which is quickly dwindling.
  15. Have edited the post, though I'm not sure that it matters as it has been cancelled... so it's a "non-event" anyway.
  16. With new announcements that any new arrivals into UK airports will be subject to 14 days quarantine, surely this means LFCC is done for July....? Most people that travel for this event usually only come here for a long weekend to a max of 2 weeks anyway... any point in coming? Obviously the final decision is down to the venue & the organisers, but it also comes down to personal feelings on whether people want to travel or not. Open to suggestion, of course, but my opinion is with fresh guidelines being announced tomorrow evening, it's looking less likely this will run.
  17. I think with so many other events being cancelled or postponed, people are right to be worried, particularly the BIG US one that has never been cancelled in its 50 years. Events in August now being cancelled... maybe time to call it...? At least give plenty of notice (unlike another company I could mention, but won't).
  18. There is more than one hall at Olympia. Jason's post said LFCC is likely to be smaller than planned. I guess we wait & see.
  19. Amazingly concise & thorough update, thank you Jason. Big love to you & the entire Showmasters family. I have an underlying health condition & have been indoors for 3 weeks already with another 9 to go. Unlike those who go to every single event, this is my only comic con event every year due to my health (kidney failure), which I really start to look forward to as soon as Christmas is out of the way. Not everyone can attend every event & this is a break from reality for us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you put in year after year to put on this event (& others) & really hope to thank you in person in July.
  20. Would love a SOA triple photo op with Mark Boone Jr, Kim Coates, & please add Charlie Hunnam to the line up!
  21. My son will be happy! He had the Iron Fist group shot last year & regretted not getting Sacha separately... Now, if you could get Jessica Henwick back by herself, you'd make his year!
  22. I went to ask about VQ's on Saturday morning & was just told to join the queue, which I did.
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