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  1. oh my god you people make me laugh! You're getting worried about a stupid thing like this. If Showmasters had an issue like double booking then they would have told us. I'm sure the centre is big enough for more than one event, just like Earls Court. Stop worrying and enjoy your weekend!!!!!
  2. Who said anything about getting rid of GMex? Just read the post again.
  3. Yes I know there isn't an announcement... that's my point.
  4. Where's Paul's announcement?
  5. Yeah also LFCC is normally in July, so they usually have got that out of the way and can concentrate (after having a break) on guests for the Collectormania in Milton Keynes. But this time LFCC was in Sep so they've been busy with that one, so i'm sure there will be more guests announced in the coming weeks.
  6. Oh, shame. Thanks for replying though.
  7. Hi, Who was the blonde girl that was giving out / collecting VQ tickets on the Saturday for William Mapother, and then was collecting money from people for autographs in Hayden Panettiere's Q on Sunday? Just wondering who you were and if you are on this forum??? I was there with my Brother, you remembered me on Sunday from the Saturday!
  8. I got my Hayden photo ticket today. Just wondering where the ticket number is? on the back it says: aaa9858:Panettierephototicket x250.jpg Is it the 250? Or is there no ticket number?
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