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  1. Good call, mine too and my Sleepy Hollow poster.
  2. Johnny Depp.. it maybe the only chance to get him at a con.
  3. I have to say I think that is a very intelligent, honest and thoughtful response from Showmasters given the circumstances, I personally think it has been very well thought out, and the bigger picture is this benefits EVERYBODY. (I know some are not happy about a non refund for 14 month but the bigger picture is essentially that money is tied up, Showmasters would loose a ridiculous amount of money if they started issuing refunds to the detriment of their reputation and it would set them back about 3 years as a business, that would also mean for the next few years smaller (cheaper) guests) I was essentially going to attend for Henry Thomas so it looks like I may give Nov 2020 a miss and look to 2021 Unless of course one of the 'biggger' (subjective!) guests for November appeals to me.. Much respect to Jason and the team. Hope to see you in 2021.
  4. I have had the pleasure of meeting Robert before, truly one of the nicest people I have met ... If you are on the fence I definitely recommend meeting him.
  5. Great guest, I am super excited. Could this be the year we get Drew Barrymore? A girl can dream.
  6. @JokerJosh https://www.rinkit.com/products/nicola-spring-black-4x4-box-photo-frame-standing-hanging?variant=20340521670&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz7bph4nn4wIVR7TtCh1xOwwFEAQYEiABEgIlE_D_BwE Don't know if that would be suitable, if the pass was angled.
  7. Matthew sounds a fabulous guest, he was a borderline meet for me and ultimately funds dictated no this time but he is now top of my list for any future cons.
  8. My experience was similar, I had photo shoots booked for his last scheduled appearance that got cancelled, I spent a lot of Sunday just popping back to his signing area to find out the latest update. I honestly didn't expect his photo shoot to go ahead but I was so pleased, humbled and grateful that it did. I went straight to his signing area after the photo shoot and had a signature within 5 mins so that was a bonus... My photo didn't come off the printer so I was last to leave the photo area while it was re printed, I was so grateful the helpful ladies working the area managed to sort because I would not have felt comfortable to have them bring Val back, even though he was just round the back of the fixture and hadn't actually vacated the area. I have a whole new appreciation and respect for him..
  9. It would have been entertaining for sure, Charlie may have decorated your Val pass ...
  10. I can well imagine. Thank YOU for sharing. Did you show Charlie the pass?
  11. I found it to be a very emotional experience too. Absolutely full respect to Val.
  12. Such a great story, I read about your interaction with Val earlier today and I have been thinking about it a lot since, so pleased he was enjoying himself and clearly had a mischievous streak. I love it. I hope we find out more about the documentary in due course.
  13. I am a new Val Kilmer fan after Sunday and I will now always be super proud to be so... What a wonderful, brave man. I know the term 'brave' is used a lot and sometimes the merit is hard to find, but for anyone who had the honour and privilege of seeing Val on Sunday I think we agree he showed true tenacity and a vulnerability I found endearing and somewhat touching... . I truly hope he comes back to a signing event soon. Does anyone have any insight into the documentary he was filming?
  14. I hope to get my Doors Blu Ray signed by Val Kilmer or I may pick up one of the 10 x 16 ish prints. I can't decide On a whim yesterday I bought The Shining on DVD in a slip case with the twins on - so will hopefully manage to get that signed too It's mostly photo shoots for me this year.
  15. Hope everyone going over the weekend has a fantastic time. I go Sunday... So excited. I've been binge watching Two and A Half Men in prep for meeting Charlie. It'll be fabulous to catch up with some friends also. Safe travels everyone. Stay cool. (One more shift.... I can do this!!)
  16. That's why I was asking.. Mine are all stored away from sunlight and I even have them facing the wrong way so the spine is against the back of the storage unit so it doesn't fade. Have to say so far so good though.. I just want to enjoy them as much as possible, that's why I get the cover signed so I look at them lots but as long as they last 40 year or so I'm good with that.. Thank you for your input everyone.
  17. I got John Hurts autograph too, on an Elephant Man DVD. Looks great, I do like 10 x 8s. the ones I have are all in an an acetate free folder, along with my original photo shoot pics.
  18. Yes indeed... some mine are about 8 year old and they look like they have just been signed, no smudges or ink transferring onto the clear plastic and I like the format cos it keeps them flat and clean and they almost look framed if that makes sense. My only fear with photo copies is they may look like an auto pen or pre print, but for the rarer signers it will be worth doing.
  19. Thank you, they seem to be surviving okay so far but I am planning on getting Val Kilmer to sign my Doors Blu Ray and I think I will definitely be scanning that one and protecting the 'real' cover - Sound advice Raylenth.
  20. Hi, I have been coming to SM events for over 10 years, I don't post much on the forum but lurk frequently I have a number of signed DVDs and Blu Rays, I like them because it means I look at the autographs regularly and they aren't just stored in an acetate free wallet/box etc But I was wondering if anyone can provide any advice or pointers as to how autograph/ink friendly the plastic covering the outer sleeves on DVDs and Blu Rays are? (or would you recommend storing the sleeves separately in acetate free wallets) Thank you.
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