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  1. I have had the pleasure of meeting Robert before, truly one of the nicest people I have met ... If you are on the fence I definitely recommend meeting him.
  2. Great guest, I am super excited. Could this be the year we get Drew Barrymore? A girl can dream.
  3. @JokerJosh https://www.rinkit.com/products/nicola-spring-black-4x4-box-photo-frame-standing-hanging?variant=20340521670&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIz7bph4nn4wIVR7TtCh1xOwwFEAQYEiABEgIlE_D_BwE Don't know if that would be suitable, if the pass was angled.
  4. Matthew sounds a fabulous guest, he was a borderline meet for me and ultimately funds dictated no this time but he is now top of my list for any future cons.
  5. My experience was similar, I had photo shoots booked for his last scheduled appearance that got cancelled, I spent a lot of Sunday just popping back to his signing area to find out the latest update. I honestly didn't expect his photo shoot to go ahead but I was so pleased, humbled and grateful that it did. I went straight to his signing area after the photo shoot and had a signature within 5 mins so that was a bonus... My photo didn't come off the printer so I was last to leave the photo area while it was re printed, I was so grateful the helpful ladies working the area managed to sort because I would not have felt comfortable to have them bring Val back, even though he was just round the back of the fixture and hadn't actually vacated the area. I have a whole new appreciation and respect for him..
  6. It would have been entertaining for sure, Charlie may have decorated your Val pass ...
  7. I can well imagine. Thank YOU for sharing. Did you show Charlie the pass?
  8. I found it to be a very emotional experience too. Absolutely full respect to Val.
  9. Such a great story, I read about your interaction with Val earlier today and I have been thinking about it a lot since, so pleased he was enjoying himself and clearly had a mischievous streak. I love it. I hope we find out more about the documentary in due course.
  10. I am a new Val Kilmer fan after Sunday and I will now always be super proud to be so... What a wonderful, brave man. I know the term 'brave' is used a lot and sometimes the merit is hard to find, but for anyone who had the honour and privilege of seeing Val on Sunday I think we agree he showed true tenacity and a vulnerability I found endearing and somewhat touching... . I truly hope he comes back to a signing event soon. Does anyone have any insight into the documentary he was filming?
  11. I hope to get my Doors Blu Ray signed by Val Kilmer or I may pick up one of the 10 x 16 ish prints. I can't decide On a whim yesterday I bought The Shining on DVD in a slip case with the twins on - so will hopefully manage to get that signed too It's mostly photo shoots for me this year.
  12. Hope everyone going over the weekend has a fantastic time. I go Sunday... So excited. I've been binge watching Two and A Half Men in prep for meeting Charlie. It'll be fabulous to catch up with some friends also. Safe travels everyone. Stay cool. (One more shift.... I can do this!!)
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