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  1. subwaykfc

    Autographs still wet.

    I have found that Gold Sharpies never dry, I had one smudge about 2 weeks after it had been done. I always ask a guest to use Silver if possible.
  2. subwaykfc

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    The full refund has arrived in my bank account today.
  3. subwaykfc

    Guest Cancellation - Megan Fox

    NNNNOOOOO !!!!!!!
  4. Why is it that these big announcements are always announced when I am on a late shift at work and can't get onto the website until several hours later? Do you do this to me on purpose Showmasters???
  5. subwaykfc

    Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    The 'Book' is a card photo frame that protects the photo. The other question I think that they will let anyone who has the ticket will have the photo taken as some of the queues can be a bit long they just scan the barcode. I hope this helps.
  6. subwaykfc

    Latest Guest Announcement - DERREN NESBITT

    Number 2 in an episode of The Prisoner. Great Guest.
  7. subwaykfc

    Latest Guest Announcement - MEGAN FOX

    I have just bought a photo op ticket and I see a 'Collector's Book' is also listed, Can someone tell me what that is please?
  8. subwaykfc

    Big Guest Announcement - Wednesday 7pm

    No doubt that Autograph & Photo Op prices will cost an Arm & Leg & Kidney.
  9. subwaykfc


    This may have been answered elsewhere but why does Eventbright need to know our Gender and Date Of Birth?
  10. subwaykfc

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALICIA WITT

    Tickets now on sale. Ticket purchased.
  11. subwaykfc

    Latest Guest Announcement - ALICIA WITT

    Oh, a Twin Peaks guest.... Just waiting for photo shoot tickets to be listed on Eventbright (Wed 10am no listing yet).
  12. subwaykfc

    CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    Hi, not seen this question yet but how close together are the 3 photo shoot areas?
  13. Due too a big cycle race in London, loads of roads will be closed and loads of busses are being diverted. Best option for getting to Olympia is Train or Underground Here is a list of the closures & Bus diversions..... http://www.lbc.co.uk/ride-london-route-road-closures-on-sunday-31-July-94867
  14. subwaykfc

    On The Day Tickets Information

    There is still a capacity Limit in place, yes. Thanks for that Info.