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  1. I have found that Gold Sharpies never dry, I had one smudge about 2 weeks after it had been done. I always ask a guest to use Silver if possible.
  2. The full refund has arrived in my bank account today.
  3. Why is it that these big announcements are always announced when I am on a late shift at work and can't get onto the website until several hours later? Do you do this to me on purpose Showmasters???
  4. The 'Book' is a card photo frame that protects the photo. The other question I think that they will let anyone who has the ticket will have the photo taken as some of the queues can be a bit long they just scan the barcode. I hope this helps.
  5. I have just bought a photo op ticket and I see a 'Collector's Book' is also listed, Can someone tell me what that is please?
  6. No doubt that Autograph & Photo Op prices will cost an Arm & Leg & Kidney.
  7. This may have been answered elsewhere but why does Eventbright need to know our Gender and Date Of Birth?
  8. Oh, a Twin Peaks guest.... Just waiting for photo shoot tickets to be listed on Eventbright (Wed 10am no listing yet).
  9. Hi, not seen this question yet but how close together are the 3 photo shoot areas?
  10. Due too a big cycle race in London, loads of roads will be closed and loads of busses are being diverted. Best option for getting to Olympia is Train or Underground Here is a list of the closures & Bus diversions..... http://www.lbc.co.uk/ride-london-route-road-closures-on-sunday-31-July-94867
  11. There is still a capacity Limit in place, yes. Thanks for that Info.
  12. With entry tickets now available on the day is there anyone going to check that Olympia will not get as overcrowded as it did last year?
  13. Why is it that all the major guest announcements seem to happen when I am at work and am not able to get onto the website until midnight.
  14. Can we have queue marshals asking people not to smoke in the queues outside please. As a lifelong non smoker the stench of cigarette smoke makes me choke (also the stench of McDonald's food makes me gag but that is totally off topic), because I hate it when you ask someone near you when you are in a line of other people (also kids in the queue as well) not to give me lung cancer and they then think that they are original by blowing smoke in my face.
  15. ...That there is a rather large imbalance between Male & Female guests. At the moment of posting there are 45 Male Film & TV guests compared to only 14 Female. Please don't get me wrong this is a great line up but I don't think that I have noticed such an imbalance before in all the years that I have been going to the L.F.C.C. & Collectormania. I have not included Wrestlers & Authors because I have no interest in these guests (that sounds a bit rude, I do apologize to people who do have a keen interest in these guests).
  16. Perhaps if you had not OVERSOLD tickets to the L.F.A.C.C. Olympia may have still been an option. Shame you can't use Excel.
  17. I was lucky to get her autograph on Friday but did not know about her non showing on Sunday until I got to photo booth E and found her name had been crossed out. Went around the corner to the Organizers Booth by the Super Stage & they did not know anything about it.
  18. Can anyone from Showmasters please let me know why Photo tickets sold on the day (Friday) were getting priority entry to Photo ops before E-Tickets sold several months in advance? I know that this was happening as I was told by a crew member and they said that they could not tell the two tickets (old style/sold on the day) apart.
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