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  1. staceymichelle

    Kiowa Guest Encounter People?

    So gutted I couldn't make ET3 in the end cause I had surgery and was too sore to attend but if I went I so would have went to a Kiowa guest encounter I'm so jealous of you lot! haha
  2. staceymichelle

    Latest Guest Announcement: Jamie Campbell Bower

    best guest announcement in foreverrrrr woot
  3. staceymichelle

    Superheros on Friday!

    Rach whos that in your avatar?
  4. staceymichelle

    Superheros on Friday!

    I'd love to be a super hero... which one hmmm
  5. staceymichelle

    Party Tunes

    I think alot of Ke$ha should be played.
  6. Yeah haha and fell on the floor, wacked our heads on walls... etc Trying to explain chest piece to Chaske was also embarrasing
  7. My best friend fell over in front of Ashley in ET1 haha, she rolled on the floor along the hotel corridor then back up to her feet like a real ninja move.
  8. staceymichelle


    If this was facebook I would 'like' this
  9. staceymichelle

    Brummie help

    Who cares if it's in the middle of no where I hardly ever leave the hotel anyway haha
  10. staceymichelle

    Forum petition for the party themes to change days

    I'd say keep them the way they are does it really matter???
  11. staceymichelle

    not to sound like a grouch

    I don't understand why people steal decorations, how does that thought even get in their head, are they that skint that they ebay them? It's almost as sad as people stealing smelly hotel towels. Then again I steal hotel pens but the hotels are pricey and you have to get your moneys worth...
  12. staceymichelle

    When Watching New Moon All I Could Think About Was...

    People in the cinema must think everyone from ET is insane or has tourettes! haha
  13. staceymichelle

    When Watching New Moon All I Could Think About Was...

    How much I love Jared and when he says "it's too late now" best bit in the film. Also thinking how much I love the colouring compared to Catherine's, I love her but I don't think she was right for this type of film. I laughed out loud when Chaske came on screen and dived into the picture because of mine and my friend's nickname we told him about which was 'chest piece' not funny to anyone else but it's funny to us haha. Also I was laughing thinking about Edi because of the guest encounter, it's so hard to take the film seriously when you have these constant quotes running through your head for example as soon as Edi came on screen my friend was sat there going "there's kelly" and when I got onto what she was on about Laurent no longer looked scary and the long hair was fitting to the voice in my head.
  14. staceymichelle

    when will the ET 1 dvd be sent out?

    "each DVD will have an exclusive item with it, which will be something you cannot buy else where something cool as a thank you to you" mine came today but I just realised, what was the exclusive item? lol