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  1. Any being human cast Hayden panitierre please im begging lol Billie piper David tennant Danny glocer Any hustle cast The walking dead cast Prison break cast More cast from bones would also be awesome
  2. It was there last year for karen and there wasnf a price increase i dont believe......
  3. Looking at some of the karen gillan photoshoots from last year i noticedvthat she was with the TARDIS would there be any chance of jenna having the TARDIS in the shoot
  4. I suppose his photoshoot time would be 147 as well as he srarts at 145......
  5. I got an isue on saturday afternoon - Eric Millegan and Robert Beltran - id guess itd be Robert then Eric as they are only 5 mins apart? Im a gold pass holder and i know i can join the queue earlier but if i went for Robert first any idea how long the Eric shoot is estimated to be going on for? Thanks
  6. What i think would be nice would be if Ronnie O'Sullivan could have a snooker cue in the shot with him :)
  7. Also with her being such a big guest we could all ply jason and the sm crews with chocolate/flowers/money* delete as needed to get her there on the sat as so many could miss out on her, been wanting to meet her for soooo long Please sm try your best for us
  8. Think im going to sob as i can only do the saturday, is there any possibility of her doing the saturdayas well? Would be awesome if guys coukd do this
  9. Awesome hope he is doing a photoshoot too :) would be awesome if he did in character as dominic :)
  10. :)Thought michael socha had cancelled.... hes still on the list
  11. Hi if its the same as before you collect your wristband and pack at the desk. Showmasters said in another thread they are going to resend a gold pass email out before the show. Hope this helps :)
  12. As a previous gold pass holder yes you can join any short queue without having to wait for your number on a vq ticket to come up. Its the same with the photoshoots you join a dedicated gold pass queue and go in first. Hope this helps :)
  13. Just cant find mine either would it be an idea for the people who handle these just to have a list of the people who have got gold passes and just check id at the stand ?
  14. Cool cheers i just couldnt recall :)
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