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  1. Where is the schedule? Could do with knowing time for Denise Crosby photoshoot on Sunday. OK - found it, nothing was showing up on opening post on my computer at work, looked on phone and it works.
  2. Is Emily Perkins not doing a single photoshoot ?? I do like IT but want to meet her more for the Ginger Snaps franchise. Hope I will be able to get a table shot with her if not.
  3. There were some at the sales desk
  4. Just went to buy a couple of photoshoot tickets for Charles but they don't seem to be on the site? Has he sold out?
  5. Pollyanna McIntosh - The Woman Morjana Alaoui & Mylène Jampanoï - Martyrs
  6. Bruce Campbell Been quite a few years since he last came over & off course current star of Ash vs Evil Dead.
  7. Noticed in the Belfast CC forum that Ken's costume shoot was cancelled for both days (why?). Can Showmasters confirm its still due to happen in Manchester as for me its the only reason for travelling up on Sunday.
  8. think the heat was getting to the camel 67 photoshoots, thats some going! all the standard guest photoshoots i went too, not once were diamonds called in first.
  9. ^^ i did think this was the case, you could use the vouchers for more expensive guest, making the rest up in cash. sure there was a thread / discussion on this prior to the show? anyhow this weekend for me was very tiring, pretty sweaty but overall totally amazing. Had diamond for Freddy + Sig & was extremely pleased with them (did forget to go to the Aliens talk cause of doing other things but that was my fault). photoshoots as mentioned a few times above, in one area is the way to go. already looking forward to next years show.
  10. Harrison Ford !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Please be patient. The office people are barely in, new stock will be hopefully added soon. Tickets are day specific, so please for now don't buy Sunday tickets for your sister. Diamond Passes require Entry still. More tickets up for Saturday entry, got me sister sorted now. Phew, wasn't sure more were to be added, thought that was it as it's only ticket entry this year on the Sat. Anyhow I can relax now lol
  12. I've bought two photoshoot tickets, was gonna give one to my sister. I have entry tickets, my sister does not. Went to the store Saturday entry sold out! If I get a Sunday entry for my sister will she be ok using the photo ticket on the Sunday ??? Just also thinking what happens if you bought a diamond ticket for this & now the Saturday entry tickets are sold out, would you still be allowed in ????
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