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  1. Good to be clear on things. I'm more of a selfie fan than the professional shoots. To me they look more natural and less formal. Not a fan of the school photo backgrounds so wouldn't mind paying for one if needed, but now understand why this wouldn't happen. As others have said, it's hard enough getting an autograph so it's best to not slow that process down any further.
  2. The gold pass was good for getting lower VQ numbers for Diamond guests, but still no guarantee and still stressful! This year I will buy the Diamonds for anyone I want an auto from.
  3. So glad you have got her back. I regret not having a photo with her. She was lovely, I sometimes get anxiety around the guests and it was like she spotted it and spoke to me in a way that eased me.
  4. Just a heads up, the replica championship belts can get heavy if you carry them around all day!
  5. Hardly a survivor. I'm thinking of the Rocky song lol.
  6. Has Carl Weathers been at a Showmasters event before?
  7. Guessing Daisy and John would be contracted to other cons sadly.
  8. Just got the 8 o'clock reference for Bill. Surely if it was him they would use more than just the word amazing. !!!
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