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  1. Dan Feuerriegel Liam Mcintyre Dustin Clare Manu Bennett And other assorted Spartacus cast. Haven't seen them in the UK!
  2. Dan Feuerriegel Liam Mcintyre Dustin Clare Manu Bennett And other assorted Spartacus cast. Haven't seen them in the UK!
  3. Last year Josh Adams came with his amazing artwork - I'd love to see him at this year's event, and after mentioning something on his Facebook I think he would be more than happy to come :)
  4. It would be lovely to see Gareth David-Lloyd here to bump up the Torchwood guests - such a great guy :)
  5. I'm going to cosplay for the first time! Femme-Ten Doctor I also have my Doctor Who and Pokemon dresses, so I'm going to try and decide what to wear each day.
  6. Nuuuu, I get paid on 23rd :'( I think I may have to be extra nice to my mother...
  7. These are my 2 favourites :) Does anyone have a pic of the 'We Love Colin Baker' thing we did?
  8. Hello! I've been told this week that my roomie can't make it to LFCC and so I have a spare bed at a hotel in Hammersmith (5 mins tube ride from Earl's Court) if anyone is interested. It's £60 booked for Friday and Saturday night. At this point, I'm worried that I won't be able to afford the room by myself :/ If you're interested, let me know.
  9. Just been watching The Thick Of It. It would be AMAZING to see Peter Capaldi (Frobisher in CoE).
  10. Well if you want 'em, they're £15 and I can post them for you :)
  11. They've got red angel wings at a shop near where I live.... I reckon they would look awesome for Ianto cosplay In other news, as with this year, I'll be coplaying my dragons! I've just been to Fabric Land to get some brown and some white felt. I'm trying to make Owen, Captain John and Tenth Doctor outfits for them :)
  12. Hello! I'm Jenny, I'll be 22 by the time the next Hub comes around. It'll be my third, been to 5 and 7. I was the one with the 4th Doctor scarf, walking around with the Jack and Ianto dragons and generally causing a drunk nuisance on Sunday night -.-
  13. I think the Sunday night PJ party would be awesome. Although, it might make going out for munchies at 1am difficult... Otherwise, I'd love to see some Classic Torchwood themes... Just going through the episode list, I'm thinking maybe Faeries (how awesome would this be?), Time Agency... Something Borrowed? I'm thinking brides, grooms and wedding fairies.
  14. I agree, main cast of series 1 and 2, so Naoko and Burn, along with James Marsters, Tom Price and Matt Rippy. It would be lovely to have Daniele back because he was an absolute sweetheart. Can you imagine GDL, Marsters, Rippy and Danielle in a panel? Phew!
  15. OMG! Just watched and I was like, "AAAH! I was there!" Here's a link if anyone wants to see: JB on Lorraine
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