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  1. please can you get Malcolm Dixon from star wars ROTJ to do one more signing event! thank you SM!!
  2. hi on the website it says he is attending saturday only but on this forum thread he is sunday only - can you please confirm which day he is attending? thank you
  3. its great that these prices have been announced, when will the ed mitchell prices go up?
  4. so going by those prices, if i wanted a DVD cover signed by Buzz, would that be £350?
  5. when will the prices for ed mitchell and buzz aldrin be announced?
  6. usually they'll sign anything for free, I've met mike and he's signed dr.who stuff for me thats not comic related
  7. they said it would be a rare first time signer which would dismiss all of the above except johnny depp
  8. will the diamond tickets for this guest go on sale the same time as they are announced or not?
  9. can we just exchange the ticket for another photoshoot or voucher at the show?
  10. Please please get Charlie Duke
  11. Please please get CHARLIE DUKE as a guest again as I missed the chance to get his autograph in 2012 and I'm desperate to meet him and get his autograph!!
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