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  1. That's it, I did wonder why my favourite hotel in London Earls Court was fully booked - now I will have to sart this massive search again to find a good hotel - any ideas folks.
  2. This is great news I had my picture taken last year in London but I was wearing cropped trousers and my legs looked so fat, this time I will be wearing a longer length.
  3. Can onyone answer this question about Gold Passes, if you attend the show on the Saturday and Sunday will your gold pass cover both days or do I have to purchase a ticket for the Sunday, normally we just attend the Saturday show and go up the road on the Sunday, but we have booked our Hotel to stay 3 nights in London and I have noticed that one of the guests from the GoT is appearing on the Sunday whichi I would love to meet.
  4. There is the Premier Inn Earls Court, 1minute walk to Earls Court Tube Station, and a good 10 -15 minute walk to the event.
  5. What about stars from the following: Arrow Hobitt The Hunger Games Game of Thrones especially the Throne Torchwood 24 Downton Abbey Merlin
  6. Can you please bring more guests from the " Game of Thrones" Please and also the Iron Throne, my picture sitting on it looks pretty awful ( I was wearing cropped trousers and this showed my fat legs (lol.
  7. Sorry, saying about the pram what I was meaning there were people there who I presume that were not interested in Photoshoots or Signings to me they were only in to see what was going on, I could not believe what you have said about the charge for your wee girl being charged £10.00 it should have been £3.00 I would have brought that up at the organisers booth just as you were into the areana on the right hand side.
  8. I was there yesterday and it was busy especially people with prams, some how think they were not in to get photo shoot or an autograph, think they were only in browsing, MG you could not move because of the prams, thats my only moan for the show. I had my photo taken with Ron Donachie from the Game of Thrones, very nice guy, and my photo was printed in seconds none of this waiting for hours and scrambling at a table to get what was yours, this is a fantastic effort by Showmasters I hope you keep this up for next years LFCC. I arrived at 12:30 and left at 3:30 I did notice that the auto
  9. Same here and you will not believe this - but our hotel is booked
  10. If they do bring back the "Throne" I would definately come down, as my photo did not do me proud at the LFCC 2012.
  11. Is this still to be confirmed the day - that Ron Donachie will be attending.
  12. Excellent Guest - I met some of the Game of Thrones Guests at the LFCC last week, lets hope more of them to come up to Glasgow.
  13. Yes we do tend to forget the CREW TEAMS, I dont know this guy's name but we could not find the area the Iron Throne was in and we stopped this Crew Memeber and he said it was over there, better still I will take you to it, we thanked him showing us where this was (we must have walked passed this many times on the Saturday) with our eyes closed lol.
  14. In reply to the writer of the Gold Pass question and idea. Any big event we have went for the gold Pass or VIP pass, and they have an area blocked off away from the eyes of the General public, where we can relax and have a soft drink and something to eat ( I dont mean a sit down meal) a snack or sweets and you can come and go as you like. We may look at this for 2013 if SM improve this.
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