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  1. It's still bugging me It's my friend Siobhan Oh cool. Would it be weird of me to ask if she has twitter or an online profile or something?
  2. Ellie Kendrick was really sweet, and welcoming, and charming, and...
  3. Who was the crew member who was assisting outside of Sibel’s autograph booth for a while on Sunday? She was really cute and looked really familiar which was bugging me the whole time I was queuing for Ian Mcdiarmid. She was wearing a hoody with a Disney villainesses design. I would have said hi if I wasn’t so busy… and a little shy.
  4. With John Ratzenberger coming how about some more Pixar people? Such as; Wallace Shawn - The Princess Bride Annie Potts - Ghostbusters Kelly Macdonald - Harry Potter Jennifer Tilly - Bride of Chucky, Family Guy Janeane Garofalo - 24 Ben Burtt - Star Wars sound designer David Hyde Pierce Don Rickles Ned Beatty Bonnie Hunt Larry the Cable Guy Michael McShane Dave Foley Jeff Pidgeon - animator, voice actor (does a lot of conventions in the US) John Cygan - voice artist Bob Peterson - animator/writer/voice actor for Pixar
  5. I know voice actors were mentioned for this event so here's who I'd like to meet; Obviously Frank Welker. Again, obviously, Frank Oz. Imagine having Yoda and the Emperor together at the same event! Whilst on the subject of Star Wars, from the Clone Wars, Ashley Eckstein andJames Arnold Taylor (also great for his work in video games) From Futurama Maurice LaMarch (also in The Real Ghostbusters, Pinky and the Brain,...) and David Herman (also in Bob's Burgers, American Dad,...) The Simpsons, Harry Shearer would be great. From video games, Nolan North, Troy Baker, and Ashley Johnson. And of course any of the Muppet performers past and present. Maybe Peter Linz, Walter in the new movies.
  6. How about Ian Hart? He's got the pull of the Potter fandom and seem's to be playing a pretty big role in the future of Agents of Shield, amongst other things.
  7. As unlikely as they may be I'll throw them into the mix anyway... Aubrey Plaza, Aubrey Plaza, and Aubrey Plaza. Oh and Jason Schwartzman.
  8. How about one of my favourite actor of all time, Jason Schwartzman? He was in Scott Pilgrim. I'm sure that counts for something on this forum. And while we're on the subject of Pilgrim, Aubrey Plaza. Again, and amazing actress/comedian, and another Pilgrim alumni. Also, I'm sure there are some Parks and Recs fans here. If either of these guys were announced, I would be in dept for eternity.
  9. I've been thinking hard about this, and I've managed to create a top 10 list of people I want to meet. So here it is; 1. Brea Grant 2. Brea Grant 3. Brea Grant 4. Brea Grant 5. Brea Grant 6. Brea Grant 7. Brea Grant 8. Brea Grant 9. Brea Grant 10. Brea Grant
  10. So what's the deal with the secret TV panel and the Dredd guests? Will we know who they are before the show, or is it a case of finding out on the day?
  11. It's probably an obvious choice, but it would be amazing if you could get Catherine Tate to come along!
  12. If Olivia Thirlby came along, I'd flip! Not only is she breathtaking, but Bored To Death is the greatest show that has ever existed. Probably a more realistic choice would be Domhnall Gleeson (Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter series), with him being British and all. Well that's who I'm hoping for anyway.
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