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  1. Im just hoping all the building work is done. Yesterday they pretty much had the McD/KFC side closed off with the exception of getting to those places. Around the front side also has building work going on as well.
  2. Its been posted on other forums that she didnt cancel, but was cancelled by Jason due to the legitimacy of the roles she played in Star Wars. Is this true?
  3. Firstly, answering hobbitfanatic, are you that wonderfully good looking that someone would pay for a picture of you? Whats to stop someone wondering off with your photo when they're produced on the day. TommyT, what could be done at the time of upload to the website is have any photos with the childrens faces blured out or erased. This shouldnt be too much of a hard task as through all the photo shoots I have been too there is normally very few children
  4. Ok that all sounds fine to to me! But what about the white dots you get from scanning gloss? Any suggestions on stopping them? You could always clean you scanner! Normally the white dots, or at least what I think you are talking about are bits of fluff or dust on the glass of your scanner. If I get any white spots, a quick clean with a glass cleaner and away you go. Also, to be honest, something like getting the original photo file or JPEG shouldnt be that hard and personally get the feeling this is just something people cannot be bothered to do. Heres how i would do it, baring in mind that these are digital: 1) From the customer point of view, you are given a webiste to goto in relation to your specific shoot. using Karen Gillan as an example: www.photos.com/Gillan1 or www.photos.com\Gillan2. From the photographer point of view, the photos that are taken are either backed up or stored in locations such as Gillan1 or Gillan2 2) Within, say a week, thumbnails of the pictures are uploaded to the website. Each photo has a number, such as the automatic number a camera calls the photo. 3) Customers go to the site locate the picture they are after. They then use a checkout system (PayPal would proabably be the easiest), type in the photo number, email address etc and pay. 4) Original file is emailed to the user in within 48hrs
  5. Hiding her a way was probably a good thing. What I hate about these shows are the sad people who block everything up by standing and staring at the celebs or trying to take pictures. If you are that interested put your had in your pocket or move on! With Dr Who being big business at the moment and therefore Karen as well, placing her in a sealed off area stops all these loitering neanderthals from blocking all the walk ways. As it was Saturday reminded me of a Romero film with a lot of braindead people wondering aimlessly around. On the plus side I did get to meet Karen for an autograph and the photoshoot and she was nothing like what I expected. She was lovely, chatty and intestested in meeting her fans.
  6. I'm sitting in my hotel room over the road from the show if that counts?
  7. No, VTs are for autographs ONLY. You will be called for the photo shoot based on the number on your photo shoot ticket. Thats good to hear. Im like ticket number 6! i bought mine from the shop while people were still trying to get the forums to load when she was announced!
  8. Any news of these refunds? Has anyone received theirs yet?
  9. Is it true that she is going to be £30 an autograph? Tenth Planet are charging £36 for their pre-order graphs.
  10. How about Shigeru Miyamoto? He's the main guy at Nintendo who created such games as Donkey Kong and Mario Bros and has worked on every platform that Nintendo has created upto the 3DS
  11. Get Lea Thompson back to go with the other BTTF guests
  12. Wow. Just found out that if you prebook parking and want to change this, you have to pay an admin fee of £10!!!!
  13. Does that include paying for pre-booking parking for Saturday????
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